Dean Unglert & Caelynn Miller-Keyes Dress Up As Each Other For Halloween: ‘Just A Dirtbag & His Beauty Queen’

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes are celebrating Halloween early. The Bachelor In Paradise lovebirds dressed as each other in honor of the October holiday, and you have to see the scary slideshow to believe it.

Caelynn shared a series of photos to Instagram which showed her wearing a black beanie, a tie-dye t-shirt, flip-flops, and a big bushy mustache. She even has fake tattoos on her arms, just like her Bachelor in Paradise boyfriend.

Dean, meanwhile, is wearing a bright orange dress, black pumps, a tiara, and makeup. A “Miss Underwood” sash is draped across his chest in a nod to Caleynn’s turn as a wannabe wife on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor earlier this year.

In the caption to the photos, Caelynn joked that she is a “dirtbag” and Dean is “a beauty queen.”

But in the comments section to the slideshow, Dean had another take on the duo’s alter egos.

“Just a dirt queen and his beauty bag,” he wrote.

Other fans had varying opinions on the Bachelor in Paradise couple’s gender-bending looks.

“I love seeing you two as a couple but I kind of wish I could unsee this. Lol,” wrote one fan.

“This is hilarious. At least you got him to shave!” another added.

“Dean’s a pretty lady,” wrote Bachelor alum Ali Fedotowsky.

“But why is Dean such a beautiful lady?” another fan asked.

Dean also took to Instagram to post photos from the couple’s costume crossover, as well as a scary fact.

“We won’t be together for Halloween but we still wanted to scare you so we decided to celebrate early,” the Bachelor Nation fan-favorite wrote.

“What’s really scary is how nice your legs look,” a follower chimed in.

Bachelor in Paradise fans have been fascinated by Dean and Caleynn’s unlikely relationship. Indeed, the polar opposites would appear to be least likely to succeed as a couple in the real world. But they have proved naysayers wrong in the months since they rode off into the sunset together on the ABC reality show.

Caelynn recently talked about what it’s like living in a van with Dean, but with her pageant past, you’d imagine she’d be more comfortable in a high-end hotel.

But Caleynn recently told Entertainment Tonight she has embraced a nomadic lifestyle with her new man. The Bachelor alum revealed that Dean books trips for them and she sometimes doesn’t know where they’re going.

“I think we are going somewhere cold,” she recently said, adding, “Living in a van has affected my fashion choices tremendously.”

Caelynn also said that it has been “incredible” living a spontaneous life with Dean. She can get over the lack of running water by focusing on the fact that Dean “challenges” her.

“In most relationships I’ve dealt with, [I’ve had] a sort of complacency,” Caelynn explained. “But Dean is always searching for more and he’s making me want to better myself and search for more as well. It’s been great.”

Dean Unglet and Caleynn Miller-Keyes first started dating last summer on Bachelor in Paradise. When things got too serious too fast, Dean temporarily hightailed it out of Mexico, and Caelynn found comfort in the arms of Connor Saeli. But Dean returned to claim his queen and she willingly left Paradise to be with him.

Only time will tell if these two will beat The Bachelor odds and win at the game of love. But they are certainly winning when it comes to Halloween costumes.

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