Kelly Ripa Finds Photos Of Husband Mark Consuelos’ Ex-Girlfriend, As She Looks Through Her Bible

Kelly Ripa has an unusual storage container in her house. The Live! With Kelly and Ryan star uses a vintage bible to house various photos and mementos. And on a recent trip down bible memory lane, the talk show star even found photos of husband Mark Consuelos’ ex.

Ripa took to her Instagram story on Sunday to reveal that after tearing apart her house in search of a specific photo, her husband suggested she check the family bible. Turns out, Ripa’s vintage bible, given to her when she was a little girl on the occasion of her First Holy Communion, has become a de facto storage site for family photos, old plane tickets, dead roses, and even flattened birthday party hats.

Ripa noted that she keeps everything in the Old Testament’s Book of Esther, presumably because Esther is her mother’s name.

During her search, Ripa found a 22-year old photo of her firstborn son, Michael, as a baby, as well as a glittery blue party hat from his first birthday. In addition, she unearthed Consuelos’ old acting headshot and am awkwardly posed pic of the All My Children couple from the 1995 Daytime Emmys, also known as “the year I went without a neck,” the Live! star noted.

After her lengthy bible unboxing, the exhausted mom-of-three posted a video from her bedroom which showed her clutching a fistful of ancient film negatives she came across after she took her search to a drawer. Ripa revealed that she held the negatives up to a light to see what the photos were.

“The good news is, I have infinite amounts of photos of Mark’s ex-girlfriend, right here in my possession. So if you’re Mark’s ex-girlfriend and you’re looking for photos of yourself — and you’re adorable, by the way, so pretty — I have those. And the negatives! If you just want to walk down memory lane of the two of you in Italy.”

Ripa then showed fans a pic of her and Consuelos on their honeymoon at the Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy, in 1996.

Of course, Ripa loves to poke fun at her husband’s exes. In 2015, when Consuelos co-hosted with her on Live!, she read aloud his yearbook “love letter” from his high school girlfriend.

“The names of the people have been changed to protect the innocent,” Ripa told the live audience, per E! News. “But let me start with chapter one, Mark’s girlfriend.”

Ripa read the love letter to Consuelos, which cited his “charming personality and good looks.”

Consuelos cringed as he told Ripa to “move on.”

These days, photo sharing is Kelly Ripa’s specialty. The daytime TV star regularly posts personal pics to Instagram and often reminds fans that her 23-year marriage is still sizzling hot. Ripa recently shared a shirtless snap of her hunky husband as she plugged his show, Riverdale.

You can see Kelly Ripa weekdays on her talk show Live! With Kelly and Ryan.

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