'TOWIE' Star James Lock Gets Candid About Undergoing Therapy For His Traumatic Childhood

Yazmin Oukhellou's ex-boyfriend, James Lock, recently revealed that he is undergoing therapy to help battle issues branching from a tumultuous childhood.

In a recent interview with The Sun, Lock told reporters that The Only Way Is Essex producers had encouraged the reality TV celebrity to seek help to get himself "sorted out." According to the U.K.-based news source, Lock believes he suffers from deep-rooted trust and abandonment issues that stem from his parents' divorce, his personal struggles, and experiences during his childhood

Now 32, the TOWIE star attributes his issues with commitment and a hesitancy to "let people in" to a childhood he says could rival "some sort of soap storyline."

"I had a lot of issues as a kid and went through horrible stuff which I will probably never talk about."
The star also pointed out that while he definitely struggles with a lot of issues from his early years, he doesn't blame his parents. He went on to tell The Sun that while he has great relationships with both parents and that he "owes them a lot," their split did have adverse effects on him psychologically. Through therapy, he is learning to understand and work through the issues his childhood left him with.

Lock has been a beloved member of the TOWIE cast since 2013. Many viewers name him as a "fan favorite" year after year. In addition to being young and handsome, fans are drawn to his explosive nature and his messy interpersonal exploits.

According to a recent piece on The Daily Mail, James has also pointed out that while being on the show has been a positive force in his life, the spotlight of fame has definitely forced him to come face to face with his own insecurities. Lock admits that has definitely been a struggle.
"It has opened a lot of doors and I don't regret getting on TOWIE but it is hard being scrutinized all the time."
As those who follow James and his ex Yaz on Instagram know, the duo recently ended their relationship. This came as a shock to many TOWIE fans as Yazmin had previously opened up about being ready to marry James. So, the TV personality has been under a fair amount of fire since the relationship ended as he didn't come out looking like the good guy.

Despite the notoriety and all of the amazing opportunities that TOWIE has brought his way, Lock has also had to deal with a lot of personal issues in an on-screen, public environment which many suspect has only added to his anger and insecurity issues – even if the experiences do make him more relate-able to his fans.

During his in-depth interview with The Sun James reminds readers that there is a lot of drama and struggle that goes on behind the curtains of celebrities.

"Fame is a blessing and a curse," he added before admitting the therapy was helping him deal with it.