Jill Duggar Gets Mom-Shamed For Laughing At Crying Son & Posting His Predicament On Instagram

Jill Duggar is getting slammed once again for something that she just posted on social media for all to see on Saturday. It was a video of her son, Israel, crying about something his little brother did to him. While the little guy was in tears and trying to explain what happened, his parents were filming the whole thing and laughing about it.

While the incident may have been a lesson that Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, were trying to teach their 4-year-old son, it has turned into fans not being very happy to see it all on film. On Jill’s Instagram stories, viewers can see Israel crying his eyes out after being kicked by his 2-year-old brother, Samuel. He got kicked in the face. However, it was Israel’s idea in the first place. Jill, who was filming the aftermath of the incident panned from her upset little boy to Derick. He explained what happened on camera.

Derick said that Israel told Sam to kick him in the face, and Sam complied. Apparently, it was a hard kick, too. The further along Derick got in the story, the more Jill Duggar laughed. Israel explained that he didn’t want to be kicked hard and only in the forehead, but Jill and Derick just told him that he should have told his brother that. Where was Sam when all of this was taking place? He was busy rearranging the pictures on the refrigerator. He may have been keeping quiet so he wouldn’t get into any more trouble.

Some Duggar fans weren’t too happy to see Jill and Derick laughing at their son’s predicament. Despite the fact that Israel did ask Sam to do that, her followers didn’t appreciate them video taping the whole thing. Many found it disturbing and sad. Other fans were worried that this would only give haters more negative things to talk about when it comes to their parenting.

Israel and Sam have been getting into plenty of mischief lately and their mom has been documenting all of it as well. As The Inquisitr had previously detailed, the boys got into trouble a couple weeks ago when they took some charcoal out of the grill and proceeded to use it as sidewalk chalk. They were proud of it, but Jill wasn’t a happy camper.

There was also an incident before that when the boys made a complete mess of their kitchen and walls that the mom-of-two had to clean up. Jill even went on Instagram to share how exhausted and frustrated she was at that moment.

You can keep close tabs on Jill Duggar and her family on Instagram as the former reality star seems to post quite regularly on her life with two rambunctious, but adorable boys.

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