Todd Chrisley’s Children, Chase And Savannah, Force Him Into A Car Wash & A Trunk

Chrisley Knows Best star Todd Chrisley has a few irrational fears. These fears include the car wash and being claustrophobic. Because Todd is unwilling to seek professional help for any of his irrational fears, his children, Chase and Savannah Chrisley, have decided to take it upon themselves to help their father. The duo decided immersion therapy was the key to saving their father from his fears.

The official Chrisley Knows Best Instagram page shared a post containing three video clips of Chase and Savannah driving with their father in the back seat. The clip starts out with the duo telling their father he needs to decide on a safe word. Fear can be seen instantly washing over Todd’s face as he tries to understand why his children think he needs a safe word.

Chase and Savannah explain the safe word is so they know when he needs them to step in and help them. Todd decides Oprah should be his safe word as Oprah Winfrey makes him feel safe and calm. While Todd proceeds to ask his children where they are headed, they refuse to clue him in on the destination. The siblings explain revealing where they are going will cause him to refuse to come.

As the video clips progress, there is a point where Todd seriously considers jumping out of the vehicle. The children start the journey by driving their father to a car wash. Todd can be seen starting to panic in the backseat as he attempts to take command of the situation. He tells his children there is no way they are going to a car wash. Unfortunately for him, they do not listen to him and they go through the car wash anyway.

Papa Chrisley can be seen panicking from the backseat the entire time as his children attempt to keep him calm. He even requests they turn on the air as he starts to overheat. Eventually, they make it through the car wash and he’s still in once piece. This is, however, when things really start to get rough for him.

The three members of the reality TV series family are no longer in the vehicle when Chase and Savannah explain they want their father to get inside of the trunk. Unsurprisingly, he refuses and fights them on it as he does not want to get in. Managing to force him in the trunk they quickly shut the door. He almost immediately starts beating on the trunk and yelling his safe word repeatedly. His children seem to be enjoying his panic as they left him to remain in the trunk for a period of time before letting him out.

While Todd made it clear he wanted nothing to do with his children after the experience, his wife Julie later noted that he didn’t give them much choice as he refused professional help. After the immersion therapy, Chase jested that it was a great experience for them too as they now knew they could fit his body into the back of the trunk if they ever made the decision to murder their father. The joke had Savannah at a loss for words before the scene cut out.

Currently, the show’s official Instagram page has a following of 632,000. The hilarious video clip was showered over 12,000 likes and over 300 comments. A few individuals noted that Todd could have pulled the emergency release from the inside and opened the trunk.

The overwhelming majority found the video to be an enjoyable piece of comedy as they gushed about how much they loved the entire family.