Lisa Rinna Dressed Up Like Jennifer Lopez For Big Halloween Bash

Lisa Rinna might already be a celebrity, but the 56-year-old star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills decided that, for Halloween, she would dress up like a different famous woman who got her start on television in the '90s.

As reported by The Daily Mail, Lisa Rinna was one of the numerous stars who attended the annual Casamigos Halloween party in Beverly Hills on Friday night. Earlier this month, Lisa wowed her Instagram followers by transforming into a high-fashion version of Maleficent, but she didn't dress up like the dark Disney fairy again. Nevertheless, the Jennifer Lopez costume she wore to the Casamigos party was also high-fashion, and the hairstyle she rocked to transform into the "Jenny from the Block' singer was similar to the long, sleek ponytail that was part of her Maleficent look.

For her JLo costume, Lisa rocked a green palm print gown similar to the Versace dress that Jennifer Lopez made iconic two decades ago. Jennifer's revealing Grammys gown featured a plunging neckline that went down to her navel, and was constructed out of a sheer fabric that made the blue-green underwear she was wearing completely visible underneath the frock.

Lisa had the 50-year-old singer's look down, from her undergarments to her high ponytail. However, there were a few small differences between the two. Rinna's dress wasn't quite as sheer, and her frock's neckline didn't dip quite as low as JLo's did.

Last month during Versace's Spring 2020 show, Jennifer Lopez rocked the runway in a different green dress inspired by her iconic look. The updated version of her 2000 Grammys dress was made out of even less material, and the front of her printed green underwear wasn't covered up by the breezy garment at all. Lisa Rinna shared a few Instagram videos and photos of JLo strutting down the runway in the gown, and the captions she included with her posts made it clear that she was a fan of the look.In one caption, Rinna wrote that Jennifer Lopez "just broke the internet" with her revamp of her most iconic outfit. This wasn't technically true, but Jennifer's original dress did change the worldwide web in a big way. According to GQ, the Google image search function was created because so many people were trying to find photos of JLo in the dress.

Lisa shared a few videos and photos of her take on Jennifer Lopez's influential dress in her Instagram stories. In one video, she was treating her driveway like her own runway by strutting back and forth to the JLo song "Jenny from the Block." She also did a little lip syncing and dancing, swirling the gown's lightweight skirt around her as she shook her hips.

Jennifer Lopez isn't the only singer Lisa Rinna has expressed her admiration for on Instagram, so fans of the former Days of Our Lives star will need to stay tuned to see if she dresses up like Rihanna or one of the many other musicians whose tunes she has been filmed dancing to before October ends.