October 26, 2019
'The Walking Dead': Jeffrey Dean Morgan Teases Negan Meeting Alpha

Jeffrey Dean Morgan joined the cast of AMC's The Walking Dead during the show's Season 6 finale in 2016. Morgan stepped into the role of Negan and served as the primary villain during the seventh and eighth seasons. Negan was eventually imprisoned by the show's former hero, Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln. But now that Rick and Negan's rivalry is buried, Morgan is teasing a face-to-face encounter with the current antagonist of Season 10, according to a report from Comic Book.

In the current season, Negan is coming off of an almost eight-year prison sentence and is seen as less of a threat by those around him. He now resides in Alexandria and has formed stable bonds with Lydia, played by Cassady McClincy, and Rick's adopted daughter, Judith, played by Cailey Fleming. During the October 27 episode, Lydia and Negan will find themselves in hot water, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

As fans of the show know, Lydia is the daughter of Alpha, played by Samantha Morton. Alpha is the leader of a group of dangerous survivors who call themselves The Whisperers and are responsible for the deaths of almost a dozen of the core survivors. After running away from her mother, Lydia sought refuge in Alexandria but not everyone was welcoming, resulting in her being attacked by three of the town's residents. Luckily for her, Negan rushed in to save her from the attack, but after the scuffle, one of the residents was found dead.

The other two residents then came up with a plan to convince the leaders of the community that it was Negan and Lydia who attacked them. The residents urged the leaders to get rid of the outsiders but soon discovered Negan had already escaped. Now that Negan is out and about, he'll likely cross paths with Alpha, and Morgan thinks "it's gonna be fun."

"I miss Rick. We all do. But as far as I think opponents go, Alpha's just creepy," Morgan said at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta. "She's obviously got some screws loose. You thought Negan was a pain in the butt, this one is a big, special surprise of crazy."
"But as far as opponents go, I like how Rick and Negan played off of each other, the kind of cat-and-mouse and chess game of it all, I really liked. With Alpha, we'll see how this season unfolds. I know stuff that you don't. But it's gonna be fun, I'll say that."
Morgan also commented on his character's development, saying Negan was very one-dimensional during Season 7 and Season 8 but has definitely improved since then, according to a separate report from Comic Book.

Season 10 of AMC's The Walking Dead continues on October 27 at 9 p.m.