Kelly Ripa Flashes Back To Her Gender-Bending Halloween Costume, And Her Fans Are Loving It

Kelly Ripa is going back to one of her most famous Halloween costumes, and the television host's fans are loving it.

On Friday, Ripa took to Instagram to share a picture of her now-famous 2017 Halloween costume, when she dressed as Ryan Seacrest and Seacrest dressed up like Kelly. The costumes were a huge hit at the time, and the throwback got a big reaction as well.

"Just genius," one person wrote.

"This is so confusing," another added.

The Live with Kelly and Ryan show's Halloween episode has become one of the most highly anticipated of the year, growing into a viral event as the hosts try to up the ante and get more creative every year. As Kelly told Parade, Ryan's willingness to go the extra mile helped turn the show into such an extravaganza.

Kelly explained that the Halloween episode has grown from a single costume to a series of them, each bigger than the last.

"When we first started, we would put on a costume and that was pretty much it," she shared. "But Ryan is the most willing co-host we've ever had, so it has really grown exponentially with his willingness to pretend to be anybody!"

Both Kelly and Ryan agree that dressing up as each other was one of their most memorable episodes ever. Ryan told Parade that he's normally terrified of the Halloween episode because it calls on him to do some acting, a skill he says he never picked up in all of his years on television. But he said that dressing up as Kelly was still one of the highlights of his career -- and his impersonation earned some big praise from his co-host, who said it's the best impression of her that she had ever seen.

Ryan also had some big praise for Kelly's performance as him, saying that she nailed the role and got down every one of his mannerisms.

"She just walked into my home, into my closet, and walked out with my wardrobe. It was perfect," he related. "The hair was right, she had all of my little nuances correct, like clearing my throat and the spike of the hair."

Fans who commented on Kelly's Instagram picture seemed to agree, with many commenting that the star had Ryan's look down perfectly.

The throwback picture that Kelly Ripa shared this weekend is also a bit of a preview for this year's Halloween episode, which airs on October 31.