Jana Duggar Claims ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ But Fans Aren’t So Sure

Jana Duggar posted a new photo to Instagram of the Duggar family homestead, claiming “there is no place like home,” but followers of the TLC star were not so sure. They flooded the comments section of the photo with both negative and positive statements regarding the reality star returning to her regular life after several weeks of visiting family in California.

The Counting On star and her family traveled to the Sunshine State to meet up with her sister, Jinger Duggar, and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, to spend some quality time together after the couple made a big leap from El Paso, Texas to Los Angeles so Jeremy could pursue his master’s degree. It was the first lengthy stay for the reality star in the area and she explored it to the fullest, but as with most people when they are away from home for an extended period of time, Jana claimed it was “good to be back.”

Fans appeared divided over the photo, which featured an expansive plot of land that is owned by the Duggar family, where their house stands upon the top of a hill in Tontitown, Arkansas.

“I would give anything to move out of California and into Northwest Arkansas. Gorgeous!” stated one fan.

Another fan agreed, remarking, “The view must be beautiful with the fall colors!”

But other fans took the photo as an opportunity to once again question the young woman as to why she was still living at home with all her younger siblings at the age of 29 while her other siblings in the same age range, including her twin John-David, had moved out and began families of their own.

“I’m just shocked she hasn’t moved out yet I would hate to be like almost 30 and be living at home and sharing a room with little kids,” noted one fan.

“Agreed! Getting weird now! Time to grow up!” said another fan.

The Inquisitr recently reported that in a recent episode, Jana spoke about the pressure she feels to get married by the producers of Counting On. They posed the tough question in part due to fan fascination with how the reality star remains single. Jana’s younger brother, Jedidiah, was also seen in a clip, revealing that his stunning big sister has “a bunch of guys after her.”

Jana quipped that her husband has to be, “tall, dark, handsome, no I’m kidding.”

She then revealed that she is looking for “someone with character, someone that is a little more established, just mature and wise.”

She also noted that at this stage in her life, she is enjoying traveling and exploring her own interests, something that her married siblings cannot do due to family obligations.

Counting On airs Tuesdays on TLC.

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