Sailor Brinkley-Cook Accuses Wendy Williams Of Spewing ‘Hatred’

Allen BerezovskyGetty Images

Television personality Wendy Williams is known for being outspoken and saying whatever she thinks about fellow celebrities, even if it means saying something controversial. Most recently, Williams went after supermodel Christie Brinkley, who was expected to appear on this season of Dancing with the Stars. Nevertheless, she fell and injured herself during practice and was left unable to perform. Thus, she called in her 21-year-old daughter, Sailor Brinkley-Cook, to dance in her place. Williams thought there was something fishy about her fall and even accused Brinkley of staging her injury in order to give her daughter a chance to shine. Now, Brinkley-Cook is clapping back, according to People.

Brinkley-Cook impressed the judges and fans alike after she gave a smooth performance on the first night, despite having limited time to prepare. The young star was successful throughout the early parts of the season but was ultimately eliminated this past Monday. In an interview on Tuesday, Brinkley-Cook sat down with her dancing partner Val Chmerkovskiy, to discuss the season and the apparent rumor that Williams started about her mother. Brinkley-Cook made it perfectly clear that she is standing behind her mom, but also sent some love to the host, refusing to give in to the negative vibes.

“I think it was a little ridiculous because it was such a situation where it was like, ‘How?’ My mom is not that type of girl. If anyone knows her, she’s pretty open with her fans and everything. She’s very genuine, she’s very real and for her to put on a cast and walk around like it’s fake, it’s wild. But anyone who spews hatred needs more love, so love ya, girl.”

Brinkley-Cook wasn’t the only one to step up to defend her mother. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Sharon Osbourne totally laid into Williams for her comments about the model during an episode of The Talk. Osbourne pointed out that when Williams was going through some tough times this past year with her divorce, health problems, and addiction issues, the rest of the world wasted no time in wishing her well without judgment. Nevertheless, Osbourne accused Williams of not wanting to put forth the same positivity or good vibes for others when they experience misfortune.

“What is it within you that is so dark that you can’t seem to get it out when the world shows you love and wishes you well on the rest of your journey of your life, you are so dark inside, so mean constantly,” Osbourne said of Williams.