Katy Perry Straddles A Motorcycle While Wearing Skintight Pants For Her 'Harleys In Hawaii' Music Video

Katy Perry seems to be a method singer. While making a music video for her new song, "Harleys In Hawaii," the 34-year-old hitmaker rode a motorcycle on a lonely two-lane road that was flanked by groomed green grass. Although riding a Hog is not all that unusual, Katy was new to the experience. In fact, she was so new to riding this kind of vehicle that she had earned her motorcycle license immediately before she set out on her Harley to be captured on film.

On October 22, the "Teenage Dream" singer posted a clip of her inaugural ride as a licensed motorcycle driver on Instagram for her 85.9 million followers to enjoy. Although the star doesn't often dress in such rugged attire -- in fact, she often takes the risque route instead -- Katy rocked a rusty-orange helmet while she straddled the two-wheeled vehicle. Her blond locks spilled out from under the protective headwear, allowing her long wavy hair to cascade around her shoulders, hitting her at chest level.

She also wore black leather gloves and a black leather biker's jacket decorated with various patches. In addition, the jacket rocked strands of long turquoise fringe that fell from under her upper arms to her elbows and that featured a large black, white, and turquoise yin-yang symbol on the back. Her rust-colored pants were skintight and featured a slight flare that partially covered her sturdy black boots.

Katy appeared to be a confident rider as she maneuvered her motorcycle from a grassy expanse to the paved road, seemingly without any difficulty. A dark-gray van carrying part of her camera crew trailed the singer while still giving the new biker a good three cars worth of space between their vehicle and hers after both hit the motorway.

From amongst her millions of fans and followers, nearly 300,000 of them liked her most recent Instagram upload. Meanwhile, more than 1,600 admirers commented on her latest social media share that had been live for a little more than three hours as of this writing.

"Let's ride, I'll teach you a thing or two," remarked one fan.

"We stan dedication," stated a second follower.

"You taught me how to roar and rise I ll be eternally grateful," said a third admirer, who seemed to be punning on her hit tune, "Roar."

"This song is amazing!!! I hope it gets sent to the radios and I can hear it everyday!!," gushed a fourth Instagrammer, who added a sweaty-happy face emoji and a blue heart emoji to his comment.

Many fans and followers didn't speak about Katy's new Instagram upload, but instead merely posted various types of emoji, including flames, palm trees, oranges, red hearts, and praying hands.

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