2020 iPhone 12 Could Ditch Wired Charging, Feature New ‘Notch’ Design & 5G Support

It’s been just over a month since Apple released its iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models to consumers, but rumors are already circulating that Apple’s 2020 iPhone will feature big changes with its features and design.

According to a report on Tuesday from MacRumors, the new rumors are “sketchy,” as they come from an individual with a mixed track record in predicting future Apple releases. The rumors suggest that Apple is currently testing several designs, which reportedly play with the size of the “notch” found at the top of iPhone models beginning with the 2017 iPhone X.

According to the rumors, some of the test models feature a narrower notch and others attempt to fit the peripherals — which are found in the notch — into the bezel at the top of the phone.

The new rumors also suggest that next year’s iPhone models will feature larger antenna bands, which will likely be made out of glass, ceramic, or sapphire to accommodate new 5G technology. The same rumors suggest that Apple might do away with wired charging entirely in favor of wireless charging, which first appeared in 2017 on the iPhone 8 and X.

Many consumers have hoped Apple would ditch its proprietary Lightning port in favor of the industry-standard USBC, though the rumors suggest that won’t be happening.

Apple’s iPhone 11 models feature a similar design to the one introduced with the iPhone X in 2017. The more-affordable iPhone 11 — which is almost identical design-wise to 2018’s iPhone XR — comes in a variation of colors that separate it from the 2017 and 2018 models. Additionally, the new model features a two-camera setup that provides an ultra-wide lens.

The more expensive iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max models feature a matte design, which has not been seen since 2016’s iPhone 7. The more expensive models also feature the signature three-camera array, giving users the ability to take wide, ultra-wide, and close-up shots using a telephoto lens.

From the front, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro look nearly identical to the old design. Both models have a notch at the top of the display that contains the front-facing camera, one of the phone’s speakers, and Apple’s Face ID system technology, which allows users to unlock their devices and authorize Apple Pay payment with a face scan.

As The Inquistir previously reported, Apple is expected to launch a new iPhone model early in 2020. However, next year’s model is not intended as a replacement or iteration of the flagship iPhone 11. The phone — which rumors dub the “iPhone SE 2” — would be a follow-up to the iPhone SE, which was Apple’s lower-cost iPhone released at the time of Apple’s then-flagship iPhone 6s.

Rumors suggest the SE follow-up will involve a similar design to 2017’s iPhone 8. However, the model will supposedly have updated internals and be offered at a lower cost than the iPhone XR, 11, and 11 Pro. Although the iPhone 8 is still on the market currently, it would likely be discontinued in favor of the iPhone SE model.

The latest rumors pertain to the follow-up to the flagship devices. However, there likely won’t be an announcement until the fall of next year. Keep in mind that these reports are based on rumors and speculation, so nothing can be confirmed until an official announcement is released from the often-secretive company.

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