Miley Cyrus Shows Off The New Tattoo That Could Be A Nod To Ex Kaitlynn Carter


Miley Cyrus is getting more ink, and her latest addition could be a nod to her most recent ex.

The tattoo-loving singer has been making some frequent trips to the tattoo parlor to add more body art in recent weeks, reportedly spurred by the rapid changes in her love life. Miley showed off some new ink on Tuesday that bears a striking similarity to what appeared to be a couple’s tattoo that she never actually completed.

As Refinery29 noted back in September, Miley’s then-girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter tagged along when Miley got some ink. Miley ended up getting a snake design while Kaitlynn got a small rose on the back of her neck. The report speculated that they were going together to get couples tattoos, even if they ended up being unmatched, and noted that Miley had actually never gotten floral ink before.

“Could it be that Carter escorted Cyrus to her appointments with Winter and got bit by the tattoo bug, too? Maybe,” the report noted. “But if you’re hoping this tattoo is a matching one with Cyrus, you might be disappointed. Although the singer has nearly 40 tattoos, she only has one floral design — and, no, it’s not a rose; it’s a sunflower that’s reportedly a tribute to her vegan lifestyle.”

But Miley may have now gotten her half of the couples tattoo (which would now be a friends tattoo instead). The singer shared a picture in her Instagram stories on Tuesday showing off her newest ink, a large rose on the back of her left upper arm.

While the relationship is now over, Miley has been known to get tribute tattoos for her close friends. As Seventeen noted, the “Katzy” tattoo she has on her left arm — now just a few inches from the new rose tattoo — is in honor of her best friend, Katy Weaver. The report noted that Katy has a tattoo of the word “MEOWTZY” in matching tone on her right wrist, making it clear that Miley and her pals are fans of corresponding ink.

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Miley and Kaitlynn had been friends for a long time before their short-lived romance earlier this year, and an insider told People magazine that they were still close after the split.

“They’ve been friends forever and were there for each other when they were both getting separated, but they’re just not in a romantic relationship anymore,” the insider said.

Miley Cyrus hasn’t shared any more information about her latest tattoo, including what could be her inspiration for it.