Justin Timberlake Brings ‘Sexy Back’ With Barber Quartet [Video]

Justin Timberlake has proved he still has sketch comedy chops by pulling double duty on a successful Saturday Night Live episode. In promotion for his new album, The 20/20 Experience, which is already receiving rave reviews, Timberlake kicked off his week of appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Monday.

On Tuesday night Timberlake pulled some Saturday Night Live antics to perform one of his old hits, “SexyBack”, in the style of a ragtime barber quartet. Dressed in white dress pants, a yellow, green, and red suit, topped off by a loud red bow tie and a white dress shirt, Timberlake sang his song with Fallon, and three other barbershop singers. Together they called the group “The Ragtime Gals”.

Of course, the surprising performance of “SexyBack” got a ton of laughs from the amused audience of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, but Timberlake also showed that he’s willing to go back in time to re-imagine his old hits for fun. Not only did Timberlake prove his versatility once again, but he also let viewers know that “SexyBack” could practically be reinvented in any style of music and work. The new barbershop tune is so catchy we’re willing to bet that if this version of “SexyBack” was released on iTunes it would make a killing.

Timberlake continues his week of appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon later tonight, and throughout the rest of the week. Each night Timberlake is unveiling a new song from his 20/20 Experience. Last night in addition to “SexyBack” Timberlake sang his second single “Mirrors.” With only three more appearance to go, Timberlake won’t reveal all of his album. The 20/20 Experience has a total of 10 tracks with some songs spanning a total of six to seven minutes in length.

However, fans could be spoiled entirely if they choose to. Timberlake in partnership with iTunes released a streaming version of The 20/20 Experience on Monday in full. Customers of the iTunes service had the opportunity to listen to the album in full for free before it drops on March 19.

Justin Timberlake ragtime

Are you excited for Justin Timberlake’s additional appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon? Would you purchase the barbershop version of “SexyBack”?

Check out a video of Timberlake on last night’s Jimmy Fallon: