Hilary Duff Opens Up About Helping Her Second Grade Son With His Homework: ‘I’m Actually Doomed’

Hilary Duff may be a busy actress, but she always finds the time to be involved with her kids. Over the weekend, the Lizzie McGuire actress shared an Instagram photo of herself with her son, Luca, and talked about helping him with his second grade homework. However, the mom-of-two also revealed that she stopped going to “real” school at a young age and was scared for what next year’s homework may bring.

In the photo, Hilary is sitting with her son, Luca, at a table and the homework is spread out in front of them. The two take a break from the books to pose for the camera. With the photo, Hilary opened up about helping her son with his homework.

“Homework is already no joke in 2nd grade. I stopped going to ‘real’ school in 3rd grade so I’m actually doomed… I am left scratching my head alll the time looking at his homework and I’m terrified for next year!”

Hilary Duff rose to fame on the Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire. The show aired on the network from 2001-2004. Lately, plenty of shows have been getting reboots and that goes for the beloved Disney series as well. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Hilary opened up about the return of the show to People magazine and revealed that she was “intimidated” to reprise her role.

“I’m not gonna lie: I’m a little intimidated. I’m like, ‘Where is she in there?’ She is in there; she is me. When I was 13, it was such a big part of me … I just have to tap into that and be very authentic to that,” Hilary explained.

Disney is set to launch its streaming service next month, and fans will be able to watch the Lizzie McGuire series as well as the Lizzie McGuire movie. It is unclear when the new series will premiere, but Hilary opened up about the new show and revealed where Lizzie is now that she is all grown up.

Now an adult, Lizzie is living in New York City and has landed her “dream job.” Although in real life Hilary is a mom to two kids, Lizzie is not yet a mom. While Hilary is similar to the character that she portrays, there are also differences between the two. It is unclear who else from the original cast will appear on the reboot, but fans are hoping for some appearances from Lizzie’s school friends Miranda and Gordo.

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