Gigi Hadid Apparently Hacked, Nude Photos Promised On Discord

Gigi Hadid appears to be the latest celebrity to be hacked on Snapchat. Less than one week after Demi Lovato’s nude photos were posted on the social networking app, strange uploads appeared on Hadid’s account. On Sunday evening, fans started to notice some weird posts on Hadid’s SnapStory, promising nude photos if the user swiped up to “join the Discord.” This is reminiscent what happened on Lovato’s account on Thursday, October 17.

“Ummm is @GiGiHadid Snapchat hacked? Orrrrrr,” asked one Twitter user.

“@GiGiHadid Hey babes I think someone is hacking your Snapchat… [They’re] trying to leak your nudes!!” commented another.

“I think Gigi Hadid just got hacked on Snapchat… why she talking bout her own nudes on her story lol,” echoed a third.

The first message on Hadid’s SnapStory read “Metex.” There was then a screen that promised nude photos of the model if users joined the aforementioned Discord server. Following that was another screen of a weird photo, one of which few fans could make sense — it showed an older man’s face and a snake.

The final photo in the string was a sexy shot of Hadid. The photo was of Hadid with the “pig” Snapchat filter, sticking her tongue out with her ample cleavage pushed up in a pink top. The photo was neither overly sexy, nor did it display any nudity. The text over the photo read “join the discord now.”

For those unfamiliar, Discord is a VOIP platform commonly used for streaming and text, image and video chat amongst gamers. It counts hundreds of millions of users among its clients.

The platform’s anonymity has given it appeal to the alt-right. In the wake of the Unite the Right rallying Charlottesville, Virginia, it was reported that Discord was indeed used for planning and organizing the white nationalist event, according to the New York Times.

The SnapStory was live for about an hour, but it is unclear if Snapchat removed the stories or if Hadid did so herself. Hadid’s account is still active and has not been removed from the platform.

Hadid has not commented on the apparent hacking. It is unknown if the hackers released any nude photos of her. It is also unclear who these hackers are or if this hack was perpetrated by the same individual or group that seemingly hacked Lovato’s account.

The apparent hackers did not post any fully-nude photos of Hadid, in contrast to the acts perpetrated when Lovato’s account was hacked.

Hadid has been off the radar since her supposed “split” from Bachelorette star, Tyler Cameron. The two reportedly hooked up sometime after Cameron got dumped by Hannah Brown, but their reported love affair — which Cameron has denied — only lasted a few weeks.

Hadid spent this weekend in New York City. According to Vogue, she was spotted looking chic in an ombre graphic suit from Oscar de la Renta’s Resort 2020 collection. There’s a photo of her wearing the ensemble on her Instagram story.