WWE Rumors: Superstar’s Release Request Is Not Likely Going To Be Granted


There are a large number of superstars who are thrilled to be a member of the WWE roster, but some just feel as if better things are out there. Even though Vince McMahon’s company sometimes seems as if it’s the ultimate goal, not everything is what it appears to be upon arrival. Still, WWE is not looking to provide talent to its competition, and that is why one superstar’s release request is unlikely to be granted.

When All Elite Wrestling became a reality earlier this year, there was a lot of talk about who could jump ship or sign with them over WWE. Due to contractual obligations, it isn’t really possible to just leave and go wherever you want when you’re unhappy.

Stars such as Luke Harper have asked for their release, but they haven’t been granted it. Others have had time added onto their contracts due to time missed because of injuries, and that will keep them under contract even longer with WWE.

Maria and Mike Kanellis were two of the superstars who were reportedly wanting out of WWE earlier this summer, but things changed. As reported by The Inquisitr, they actually signed new deals back in Jun, and they’re believed to be for a full five years.

That was months ago, though, and things have changed, as Mike is wanting out of the company, but it probably won’t happen.

Mike Kanellis makes his entrance at a WWE event
Featured image credit: WWE

Earlier this week, Kanellis publicly requested his release from WWE, and he did it in a fashion where everyone would notice. As of this time, the tweet is still up on Twitter and it details how he wants to do more with his wrestling career for his daughter and entire family.

The post is almost a “goodbye,” and it seems as if he’s already on his way out the door. Unfortunately for him, it isn’t quite that simple as he signed his name to a contract, and he’ll have to fulfill his obligations unless WWE chooses otherwise.

According to Ringside News, it is highly unlikely that WWE is going to grant his release and let him leave the company. It’s not known if the company will try to do more with him, but it’s obvious that he is unhappy with his current situation and simply doesn’t want to be there any longer.

There is speculation that Mike Kanellis could receive the “Lio Rush treatment,” in which he’d be sent home and not allowed to work until he decides to “play nice.” For now, Kanellis is under contract and can’t leave WWE as he wants to do, and only time will determine what ends up happening with him.