Jennifer Aniston & Reese Witherspoon Re-Enact Famous ‘Friends’ Scene As The Green Sisters

Jennifer Aniston may be making headlines for joining Instagram, but her TV sister may have given fans the best post yet. Reese Witherspoon posted a recreation of an iconic scene from Friends from back when she guest-starred as Aniston’s sister, Jill.

Witherspoon suggested the re-enactment of the scene, from the 2000 episode “The One With Rachel’s Sister,” as the two sat down with Access Hollywood earlier this week. After the TV sisters sat down on the infamous Central Perk couch, Aniston noted that it’s where Witherspoon first said the line she loved “so much.”

Witherspoon suggested they both say their lines, but Aniston couldn’t remember hers. In all fairness, the Friends regular appeared in nearly 240 episodes of the NBC sitcom, while Witherspoon only appeared in two.

After Witherspoon helped her pal out by whispering in her ear to remind her of her line, Aniston recalled the scene in which Rachel told her sister Jill, “You can’t have Ross!'”

“Can’t have? Can’t have?” Witherspoon replied. “The only thing I can’t have is dairy!”

Witherspoon, who currently co-stars with Aniston on the Apple TV+ series The Morning Show, captioned her post of the clip by noting that one of the best parts of working with her old co-star again was reliving her favorite Friends lines. She also closed out her post with a #TheGreenSisters hashtag.

You can see Witherspoon’s post and the original Friends scene (at the 7:35 mark) below.

Of course, fans know that Aniston and Witherspoon have been real-life friends for years, ever since that memorable Season 6 guest spot on the NBC sitcom in which Rachel’s little sister Jill Green tried to seduce Ross (David Schwimmer).

Witherspoon later told Us Weekly that Aniston actually came to her rescue when she got stage fright while playing her onscreen sister on Friends. Witherspoon told Us that while she was excited about her Friends role, she forgot the crucial fact that she had never been on television in front of a live audience before.

“I panicked! I totally froze! I couldn’t remember my lines and the writers were yelling… I just stood there absolutely completely frozen,” she admitted.

Witherspoon explained that Aniston talked her through it.

“[She said], ‘You’re going to make a mistake and you’re going to flip your line and whatever – and the audience is going to love it’,” Witherspoon recalled. “‘Don’t try to be perfect, just try to be yourself.'”

Witherspoon wasn’t the only famous face to play a Green sister. Christina Applegate guest-starred in several Friends episodes as Amy, Rachel’s other spoiled sister.

Friends recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

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