‘Twilight’ Star Nikki Reed Pens Beautiful Love Letter To Ian Somerhalder On Instagram

Twilight star Nikki Reed’s latest Instagram update may have her followers running for a box of tissues. It was just an hour ago that Reed shared an up close snapshot of her husband, Ian Somerhalder.

The photo featured the Vampire Diaries star smoldering for the camera. He appeared to be dripping wet with one eyebrow raised as he gazed at the camera. He also noticeably had a large teal-colored ring on his finger.

Reed’s Instagram post, which was published to her account just an hour ago, came with a very lengthy caption. The actress kicked off the caption by asking her 2.9 million followers what was the first thing they noticed when they looked at the photo?

Vampire Diaries fans were likely to notice the ring because rings were significant to his character from the series, as they contained a special magic that allowed him to walk around during the day.

After joking about the ring, Nikki acknowledged that most would notice how “beautiful” her husband was before being drawn into his gorgeous eyes. She also admitted that his eyes looked so perfect in the photo that she expected some to assume it was photoshopped. She insisted the photo was not altered.

Then, she mentioned the moisture on her husband, suggesting that he was wet, would be the next thing that her followers would notice. She believed they would question whether they were droplets of water, sweat, or something else entirely. She even jokingly added that her followers may even praise her for being a good photographer because she snapped such a great photo of Ian.

Reed revealed that what her followers were not going to see by looking at the photo was the amount of passion that went into creating the piece of jewelry her husband was wearing. This was when she proceeded to pen a love letter to her husband. She discussed how their worlds “collided” four years ago. They found a way to bond over their mutual loves for animals.

While the sweet love letter and gorgeous snap of Ian hasn’t been live on her profile for very long, it was well-received by her followers. They showered it with just shy of 100,000 likes and over 600 comments in just an hour since it hit her profile, as of the time of this writing.

“You’re so lucky, we all loves Ian, a great human in this world,” one of her followers gushed.

“Ring? Are u kidding me, look at his freaking eyes,” another added.

Many of her other followers chimed in with a combination of complementing Ian’s eyes and congratulating her on how lucky she was to be married to him.

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