NFL Rumors: Antonio Brown’s Return To The NFL Could Come Through The Dallas Cowboys

Antonio Brown speaks to Bill Belichick.
Michael Reaves / Getty Images

Antonio Brown could have yet another chance ahead of him, this time with the Dallas Cowboys.

After the All-Pro wide receiver was released from two teams in less than two weeks at the start of the season, it looked as if his NFL career would be over. That appeared to be a certainty a week later when Brown took to Twitter to declare himself done with the NFL while leveling attacks at the New England Patriots and its owner, Robert Kraft.

Since then, Brown has softened his stance, saying that he would return to the league while dropping hints that he wants the Patriots to take him back. Now, new rumors have risen that the Dallas Cowboys could be the team to offer Brown his next chance.

As Inside the Star noted, the idea was first breached by Cowboys legend Michael Irvin, who floated the idea that Dallas could take a chance on Brown in the hopes of salvaging a sinking 2019 season.

The report noted that this seems to be a bit more than mere speculation, but pointed out that Brown is still facing potential discipline from the NFL related to the investigation of sexual misconduct claims against him which could include fines or potential suspensions if he signs again. Brown has been accused by two different women. He reportedly sent intimidating text messages to one of the women which The Inquisitr reported had been sent to her while Brown was inside the Patriots’ team facility.

Brown was released by the Oakland Raiders after a series of off-the-field outbursts that culminated with Brown taking to Instagram to ask for his release. He signed with the New England Patriots within hours of the Raiders granting his request, but Brown lasted less than two weeks before the Patriots cut Brown amid the allegations of sexual misconduct.

Inside the Star noted that the chance for turning around the 2019 season could outweigh the risks.

“Anyway you look at it, the Dallas Cowboys are in jeopardy of wasting all of the talent they’ve acquired for this season. They continue to dig themselves into a hole they might not be able to climb out of, especially if they lose this week to the Philadelphia Eagles. Winning the NFC East division could be their only ticket into getting into the playoffs.”

Antonio Brown has not given any hint as to whether or not he was considering the Cowboys, and Dallas has likewise given no indication that they are interested in giving Brown a shot.