Jessica Simpson’s Weight Loss Driven By One Simple Routine

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Jessica Simpson recently lost an astonishing 100 pounds, and her trainer says that the one thing that made all the difference was a simple nightly check-in. While it doesn’t sound like a lot, the routine helped Simpson hold herself accountable so that she could drop the weight brought on by her past three pregnancies.

Harley Pasternak, who has trained the actress for over 10 years, says that she gave Simpson a series of tasks to complete every day. At the end of the day, she sent an email to check in with her trainer to show she accomplished the goals she set out for herself, according to Us Weekly.

“We had a nightly email [check-in],” Pasternak said. “And so my clients, before they go to bed at night, send me an email and it says, Did you hit your step goal? Yes or no? Did you hit your sleep goal? Yes or no? Did you hit your unplugged goal? Yes or no? Did you hit your food goal? Yes or no? To the extent that you check yes, it gives you this sense of accomplishment at the end of every day.”

To help Simpson achieve her goals, she wore a Fitbit Versa 2, and Pasternak had her hitting the pavement extremely quickly after giving birth. Her original goal was to hit 6,000 steps a day and eventually climbed to 12,000 steps. Some days, the trainer says, Simpson even hit 14,000 steps.

“Shortly after she gave birth, as soon as we got medical clearance to start walking,” she said, “we had a daily step goal on her Fitbit. More of a limit if anything because we didn’t want to do too much.”

While having a goal and accountability helped, Pasternak says that the Employee of the Month actress deserves the credit for her incredible weight loss. Simpson gave birth to her daughter Birdie in March and has made immense progress since then.

The 39-year-old turned heads after posting a photo of her looking incredibly slimmed down. As The Inquisitr previously reported, part of her diet includes staying away from alcohol and eating a protein-focused diet.

Pasternak said that while working out was an important element of her routine, it wasn’t the reason for her weight-loss success. Working out helps you improve your fitness, he said, but it doesn’t help you lose weight.

Instead, Simpson ate three meals a day and two snacks that included lots of fiber, protein, and healthy fats.