‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Nathan Griffith Arrested For DUI, A Potential Blow To Custody Battle With Jenelle Evans

Teen Mom 2 star Nathan Griffith has reportedly been nabbed for a DUI, an arrest that comes as he fights for custody for the son he shares with Jenelle Evans.

Radar Online reported that Griffith was arrested on Thursday outside a grocery store in Cary, North Carolina. The report said Griffith was arrested on a charge of driving while impaired and handcuffed by police, who then took him into custody. It was not clear yet what exact charges he will face, or whether he could see the potential of jail time.

The arrest comes amid more legal drama for Griffith as he seeks full custody of the son he shares with now-former Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans. She and husband David Eason lost custody of their kids for several weeks this summer after David said he shot and killed the family’s dog, claiming that it had bitten his daughter.

Jenelle and David had to go through a series of court appearances before they got custody of their kids back, later taking to social media to share pictures of their kids in celebration. But as Radar Online reported at the time, Griffith still planned to seek full custody.

“The fired Teen Mom 2 star has been rejoicing all weekend, as she posted photos with her kids on Fourth of July weekend, the first time she’s had them in her care since May. But Jenelle and David aren’t out of the woods yet, as the father of her 5-year-old son Kaiser, Nathan Griffith, plans to keep fighting for custody of their only child together.”

It was not clear yet if Nathan’s reported DUI arrest could affect his bid for full custody. This is not the first time that Griffith has found himself in trouble with the law, as he was also arrested in 2017 for allegedly breaking into the home of an ex and pinning her down.


Some members of Griffith’s own family spoke up in support of Jenelle after the incident. As The Inquisitr reported, Nathan’s sister, Heather Griffith, said that she thought the controversy surrounding Jenelle was overblown and that Jenelle was not the terrible mother that some were making her out to be.

“I think a lot of things have been exaggerated and blown out of proportion,” Heather told Hollywood Life. “I don’t see Jenelle as an unfit parent or someone that doesn’t love her kids.”

Nathan Griffith was released on bond after his alleged DUI arrest, the Radar Online report noted.

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