Lady Gaga Falls Off Stage After Fan Drops Her During ‘Enigma’ Performance In Vegas

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Lady Gaga took a major tumble off her Las Vegas stage. The Oscar-winning superstar took a hard fall after a fan got a little too involved in her “Enigma” show on Thursday night.

While performing her hit song “Bad Romance” at her Las Vegas concert residency at MGM’s Park Theater, Gaga straddled a fan after inviting him onstage. But after the excited fan picked up Gaga, he dropped her off the stage as he lost his balance while dancing with her in his arms, according to Entertainment Weekly. The two tumbled off the stage platform and into the audience. The hard fall was caught on video from multiple angles by stunned fans, and it looked… well, bad.

While Gaga had the potential to be seriously injured from the impromptu incident, fans were relieved when she emerged back on stage and continued on with the song — and with her killer choreography.

Although her show went on, there is no official word yet on whether Gaga or the man who dropped her sustained any injuries from the fall.

This isn’t the first concert mishap for the A Star Is Born leading lady. In June, Gaga nearly fell off a giant robot during a performance in her Vegas show, as The Inquisitr previously shared. The robot is one of the star’s most iconic props.

Gaga kicked off a series of residencies at MGM’s Park Theater in December 2018. Thursday night’s show marked the first night of leg three of Gaga’s “Enigma,” Newsweek notes. Gaga’s “Enigma” residency also features “Jazz & Piano” engagements in lieu of her usual pop star performances. Although it takes place in a more intimate theater setting, it has been dubbed one of her most ambitious shows ever.

Gaga previously told Vogue she has always wanted to headline a Vegas residency despite the stigma about it.

“I’ve always hated the stigma around Las Vegas — that it’s where you go when you’re on the last leg of your career,” she said. “Being a Las Vegas girl is an absolute dream for me. It’s really what I’ve always wanted to do.”

Gaga was reportedly paid $100 million for 74 shows in Las Vegas in a two-year deal, which could be extended.

The current leg of Lady Gaga’s “Enigma/Jazz & Piano” engagement runs through November 9. Leg four of the residency picks up for three shows in late December, before the fifth and possible final leg starts in April and ends May 16, 2020.