'My Advice To Women Is Don't Breastfeed': Princess Michael Of Kent Says It Is A 'Dreadful Practice'

Princess Michael of Kent was asked in a recent interview her thoughts on public breastfeeding. Her response shocked many when she noted that her "advice to women is don't breastfeed." She called it a "dreadful practice" and said it is not something she would do herself.

According to the Daily Mail, the Princess, who married Prince Michael of Kent, said she didn't breastfeed her children and wouldn't suggest it to any other woman.

"My advice to women is don't breastfeed -- it's a dreadful practice. I didn't breastfeed. My nanny said it was disgusting."
Yahoo News reports that the Princess Michael of Kent's impression of breastfeeding may stem from the fact that she had difficulty breastfeeding her children. The report said "it is understood" that the Princess had difficulty breastfeeding her children, son Lord Freddie Windsor and daughter Lady Gabriella Windsor. Emily Slough, of the Free to Feed campaign group, told Yahoo News that such a negative comment from the Princess can be damaging for mothers trying to bond with their babies through breastfeeding.
"It's incredibly damaging for women trying to breastfeed their children and trying to do the best for them to hear negative comments about breastfeeding. I don't understand what the logic is. It's not disgusting. It's not dreadful. That's how we're supposed to feed our children."
Though the Princess finds breastfeeding a "dreadful practice," it appears the Prime Minister David Cameron does not agree. Cameron recently came out in support of breastfeeding mothers with a Number 10 spokeswoman saying "breastfeeding is completely natural."
''The Prime Minister shares the view of the NHS, which is that breastfeeding is completely natural, and it's totally unacceptable for any women to be made to feel uncomfortable when breastfeeding in public."
Not all in the British Royal Family are opposed to breastfeeding. In fact, Queen Elizabeth is thought to have breastfed Prince Charles until he was two months old, when she contracted measles and became too ill to continue nursing him. Diana, Princess of Wales, also breastfed her sons and discussed it publicly. Kate Middleton, HRH Duchess of Cambridge and future Queen of England, is also thought to have breastfed Prince George and will most likely do so with the new royal baby that is on the way. The Duchess of Cambridge has never breastfed in public; however, it is most likely due to the media intrusion that would occur should she do so in public.

What do you think of Princess Michael of Kent's remarks on public breastfeeding? Should she have kept her views private as they do not align with National Health Service views on what is best for newborns?

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