Jennifer Aniston Tattles On Her ‘Friends’ Character Rachel’s Current Relationship With Ross

Jemal CountessGetty Images

Jennifer Aniston continues to rack up millions of fans and followers to her new Instagram account after joining the social media platform on Tuesday. The actress has been letting admirers know what is up with her real life and with her Friends life. Although the actress has only created three posts as of October 17, she has already accumulated a whopping 12.5 million followers.

Her first post drew plenty of attention to the tune of more than 12 million likes and 475,000 comments.

Among those comments was one from Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe, who asked a burning question for which almost every Friends fan will be happy to learn the answer.

By way of explanation, the long-running sitcom possessed a series-spanning storyline in which Jennifer’s character, Rachel, and David Schwimmer’s character, Ross, were taunted by the fact that he “cheated” on his girlfriend. However, Ross promised he didn’t do any cheating because the two were, as he put it, “on a break.”

So, when Kaitlyn used Instagram to ask Jennifer if Rachel and Ross are still together literally a decade after the show ended, Jennifer replied to the reality star’s question by insisting the two are currently “on a break.”

To fans of the 1990s NBC show, that was about as funny an answer that could have been offered by the star who made her name on Friends.

More than 800 Instagrammers weighed in on the comment from Kaitlyn, offering more to the original answer.

“haha, great answer,” said one fan, who added three laughing-crying face emoji for added effect.

“Is he fine now,” stated a second Instagrammer, asking about Ross as he is today.

“Legend,” remarked a third follower, who was likely talking about the whole Ross-Rachel situation.

“Well if you’re ready to move on… [send] him my way please… Been looking for a ‘Ross’ for a loonng time! not a one to be found out here!” said yet another single, yet hopeful Friends fan.

Although the Bachelorette‘s comment was about the most provocative from the upload, other social media followers chimed in with more ideas and thoughts since Jennifer joined the social media platform.

“WHY DOESNT MATTHEW PERRY JOIN THE INSTITUTION OF GRAM,” shouted one new follower, who also wanted the person who played Rachel to explain why the person who played Chandler is not on Instagram.

“Whattttttt ur in instagram!!!!! Yenny! Yenifer michelle!!! Cannot wait for the world to see [The Morning Show]!” exclaimed actress Kathy Najimy.

“Breaking the internet,” stated a third admirer, who ended her comment with a red heart emoji.

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