October 17, 2019
WWE Rumors: Former Champion Returning From Injury This Week On 'Friday Night SmackDown'

Injuries are a common part of life when you're a WWE superstar and adding in the danger of a gimmick match can make them come about in a much easier fashion. There are injuries which can be minor and only require little healing time while others are more serious and may need surgery. One former champion has been out of action for a couple of weeks now, but rest and time away from the ring has led her to a return coming this week.

At this year's Hell in a Cell, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks battled it out over the Raw Women's Championship inside the demonic structure. It was a brutal battle which led to both women doing whatever they could to take down the other one and leave with the title.

When all was said and done, it was Lynch walking out with the title as she retained her championship over Banks. As reported by The Inquisitr, Banks didn't leave empty-handed as she walked out with a reported back injury that caused WWE to pull her from the road so as not to risk her health further.

While some may have feared the worst, it seems as if Banks' back injury isn't as bad as originally thought. Rumors are now circulating that "The Boss" is ready to come back and she will return this week on Friday Night SmackDown.

Sasha Banks exits her Hell in a Cell match.

According to PW Insider, Banks will be back this week for the blue brand as she will be at the show on Friday. Her injury was listed as a tailbone issue, and it's not known if she is going to be wrestling on the show, but she is obviously well enough to be back on camera.

There is a very good possibility that Banks could get physical, though, as she is also scheduled for WWE Live Events this weekend too. She is booked to appear at the event on Saturday in New Jersey and Sunday's event in New York.

Since suffering the injury, Banks had been replaced on the road by Tamina Snuka. She was set to face Lynch this week on Monday Night Raw for the next pick in the WWE Superstar Draft, but ended up being replaced by Charlotte Flair.

During the draft, Sasha Banks was selected by Friday Night SmackDown which will make her one of the top stars on the blue brand. Her injury changed up some storylines a bit, but WWE has been able to fill in well for her during her short time out of the ring.