Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse Is Now On Airbnb To Celebrate Doll’s 60th Anniversary

Barbie is a global icon and one of the most well-known figures out of American multinational toy manufacturing company Mattel, Inc. In celebration of the doll’s 60th anniversary, Mattel has put a life-size Malibu Dreamhouse on Airbnb. The home is located in the heart of the Los Angeles, California city, and will accommodate four guests for a one-time, two-night stay on October 23, 2019, at 11 a.m.

The home — available for $60 nightly plus fees and taxes — is described in a press release as an opportunity for Barbie fans to “experience her signature brand of hospitality, empowerment and inclusivity.”

“As a modern homeowner and entrepreneur, Barbie is very excited to open her home by listing it on Airbnb to share her story and to continue to inspire fans around the world. The quintessential Dreamhouse will bring to life what drives Barbie, from spotlighting powerful and diverse role models to showcasing underrepresented career paths and giving all girls a voice.”

The unique Airbnb experience includes more than just a stay at the home — it comes with hair makeovers, a globally-inspired cooking lesson, and a one-on-one fencing lesson with fencing medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad, among other things.

As for the home itself, the ocean-front property comes with an infinity pool, a water slide, a hobby studio, a personal cinema, a sports court, a meditation space, a fully-stocked kitchen, and an outdoor dining patio.

Per USA Today, the Dreamhouse will also promote The Barbie Dream Gap Project, a charity that aims to close the dream gap, a phenomenon where girls are less valuable and capable then men due to social constructions.

The dream gap has been confirmed by researchers at New York University, the University of Illinois and Princeton University. According the the research in question, stereotypes associate a high degree of intellectual ability with men more often than women, which sometimes prevents women from pursuing careers that require intelligence when they are faced with such stereotypes.

“This begins at prepubescence. Girls begin to avoid those brain-stimulating activities and boys move on, creating a gap. In response, Barbie has created several dolls highlighting different careers lacking female representation,” the USA Today report reads, adding that this year, Judge Barbie was the toy that aimed to close this gap.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Mattel recently released The Creatable World™ line of dolls, which are customizable, gender-neutral dolls that offer many options for styling and dressing, including both traditional feminine and traditionally masculine clothes. The line is available at most major retailers, such as Walmart and Target, as well as Amazon.

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