Colton Underwood Responds To Rachel Lindsay’s Podcast Invite Amid Feud, Says He’ll Point Out Her ‘Hypocrisy’

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Colton Underwood has accepted Rachel Lindsay’s challenge. The Bachelor star says he’ll be happy to be a guest on the newlywed Bachelorette star’s podcast to let her know exactly why he has an issue with her.

Underwood, 27, responded to an article posted by Us Weekly in which Lindsay was quoted as saying she doesn’t know why he has beef with her. On her “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast last week, Lindsay called out the former NFL star for his comments about her on social media.

“I would love for Colton to actually come on the podcast because what I’m not going to do is entertain you in the comments section of somebody else’s post. What I will do is have a grown a** conversation with you and we can talk about it,” she said.

The former Bachelorette added that she doesn’t appreciate Underwood’s accusations that she ran her mouth to his girlfriend, Cassie Randolph, and she noted that Cassie still follows her on Instagram.

In response, Underwood took to Twitter to accept the invite.

“I’ll come on your podcast Rachel. One condition: ask your producer to leave it raw, unedited and untouched. Looking forward to meeting you & pointing out your hypocrisy over the last year.”

Earlier this month, Underwood reacted to a story about Lindsay’s feud with her former Bachelor bestie, Raven Gates. Lindsay cryptically announced that she will “never” be friends with Gates again, but she did not reveal what happened between them.

Us notes that Underwood responded to the story on social media by writing, “Shocker. Rachel mad at another person … does she like anyone?”

Underwood later clarified that the Rachel/Raven drama is not his business, but added that what is his business is “the countless number of times” Lindsay has spoken poorly of him.

“Including that time she ran her mouth about me to Cassie,” The Bachelor star added. “Funny thing is I have never met her.”

During an appearance on Whit & Ry this week, Lindsay expressed confusion over why Underwood claims she ran her mouth. She also called his diss “petty.”

Underwood’s ex, Bachelorette-turned-Dancing with the Stars contestant Hannah Brown recently seemed to side with Lindsay in the drama, saying she respects the former Dallas attorney’s “strong” opinions.

But it’s interesting that Hannah is siding with Lindsay, considering her predecessor didn’t think she even deserved to be The Bachelorette. Earlier this year, Lindsay told Us Weekly she didn’t think anybody from Underwood’s season should be ABC’s leading lady.

“There’s just so much cattiness going on. You don’t know who to believe, you don’t know what’s true. I don’t trust any of them!” she said of The Bachelorette hopefuls.

Lindsay has also criticized some of the friendships formed on the ABC reality franchise, calling them “fleeting,” as can be seen from her tweet below.

Underwood is currently dating his final Bachelor pick, Cassie, while Lindsay married her final Bachelorette suitor, Bryan Abasolo, in August.