‘This Is Us’ Spoilers: Kevin’s Unexpected News Changes His Life

The THIS IS US star pictured is Justin Hartley as Kevin.
Ron Batzdorff / NBC

This Is Us returns for yet another powerful episode, and it appears that Kevin (Justin Hartley) will be the focus of the drama. The episode will reveal that with one phone call, he could potentially be put on a path that will ultimately change his life.

Entertainment Tonight reported that the episode will feature Kevin and his Uncle Nicky (Griffin Dunne) as they each reach points in their lives that could change them for the better or worse. The episode titled “Flip a Coin” reportedly shows Kevin trying to get Nicky to attend another Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, despite his repeated refusals. Kevin will try to help his uncle, the brother of his late father Jack, by asking if he would allow him to put him up in a hotel or buy him a new trailer, which has a leaky roof.

Kevin will also receive a phone call that reveals they canceled The Manny, the fictional television sitcom that turned him into a household name. Sad that this part of his life has come to a finite close, Kevin reveals to his uncle, “it’s finally over,” reported Entertainment Tonight. However, he does not further explain what he means by his cryptic statement.

Entertainment Tonight also published an interview with show creator Dan Fogelman, and he revealed to fans that the people introduced in Season 4 will become important and pivotal characters to the existing characters as the show progresses through this season and beyond.

Fogelman revealed that at the midpoint of his storytelling, any new characters introduced would remain impactful to the core characters, which include the Pearson clan, Randall, Kate, Jack, Rebecca, Beth, and Toby.

“These new characters are framed as characters who are going to have massive impacts on our main family’s lives. It’s fair to say they are massive parts of the season. They’re not just in a one-off episode as the person who was in the room when Nicky threw a chair in the window. Or to meet Deja at a party,” creator Dan Fogelman told the news and entertainment site.

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“Part of the intent here was to establish these characters so that you met them pure and outside of the purview of the Pearson family. Now you really are inside of these characters’ stories and now we slowly start building them into their world and see how they affect and really change their lives,” he explained.

The Inquisitr recently reported that the October 8 episode of the series took a trip back in time to flesh out the events of an episode that aired during Season 1 of the show. Titled “The Pool Part Two,” it explored further how the childhoods of the now-adult Pearson children were affected by not only their parent’s influence but their own personal choices.

This Is Us airs tonight at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.