Carla Gugino Congratulates Lena Headey On Her ‘Good Pee’ In Response To Instagram Post

Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey recently shared an Instagram snapshot with her followers that left some of them scratching their heads.

Some Game of Thrones fans complained that the final season of the HBO fantasy series felt a bit rushed. However, the actress who played Cersei Lannister, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, wasn’t in too much of a rush to leave her porcelain throne during a recent trip to the ladies’ restroom. Before she left her stall, Lena took the time to snap a photo.

On Friday, Lena took to Instagram to share the picture that she took while she was sitting on the toilet. It was an image of the bathroom floor and her crossed feet, which were clad in gray Birkenstocks. The 46-year-old British star informed her fans that she “was peeing” when she decided to take it, and the point of the picture was seemingly to show off the unusual black-and-white tiles on the floor. She used a heart-eye emoji to express her feelings about the artsy bathroom decor. However, few of her followers responded to the post by commenting on the floor design.

The Haunting of Hill House actress Carla Gugino was one of her followers who did mention the tiles.

“Glad you had a good pee,” Gugino wrote. “And a little tile art while you were at it!”

Fashion Police co-host and celebrity stylist Brad Goreski decided to respond to the photo by sharing his thoughts on Lena’s fashion choices, even though all that’s visible are her shoes and the bottoms of her blue jeans.

“The birks and denim combo is heaven,” Goreski wrote.

Stylist Karla Welch also commented on the photo, but her focus was on the positioning of Lena’s body and not on what she was wearing.

“With your legs crossed?” she wrote, including a ROTFL emoji in her response.

Welch wasn’t the only one who had thoughts about Lena’s feet.

“Why do you pee with your feet crossed? I’m so confused,” read one response to her post.

“You pee cross legged? Girl I’m impressed,” another commenter said.

“With your legs crossed? Odd technique but I commend your choice!” a third fan wrote.

Even though their two Game of Thrones characters were in love with the same man on the series, her post also earned a like from actress Gwendoline Christie.

While Lena Headey’s feet were the talk of her most recent Instagram snapshot, a few weeks ago, it was one of her hands that had her followers all abuzz. As reported by New York Daily News, she debuted a large new scarab beetle tattoo on her right hand just hours before she hit the red carpet at the Emmy Awards. Lena didn’t explain the significance of the ink, but it’s clear that she has an eye for art.

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