‘Roger Rabbit’ Sequel Hinted At In Interview About Blu-Ray

On the release of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? on Blu-Ray, Charles Fleischer says he hopes for a sequel.

Charles Fleischer is the infamous voice of Roger Rabbit, as most of us know, as well as that of the cab and two weasels, Psycho and Greasy. He’s also quite brilliant, as his recent paper, “Can Sequentially Linked Gamma-Ray Bursts Nullify Randomness?” on the Cornell University website suggests.

Charles Fleischer says his role in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? began prior to his knowledge. Fleischer was doing standup in Los Angeles when Bob Zemeckis saw him perform, and asked him if he wanted to play the part of Eddie Valiant. After a few off-camera attempts, Zemeckis asked him if he would like to do Roger Rabbit instead. Charles Fleischer’s answer was an emphatic yes.

At the time, Charles Fleischer was apparently working at a car wash, and he was offered a chance to do professional voice acting a few years later. He has continued working with Bob Zemeckis over the years, notably on Polar Express.

Polar Express, Charles Fleischer said, was a motion-capture movie. Half the time he says he was just in a big hall with dots stuck to his face. He was the model for a lot of the elves.

Charles Fleischer says his enjoyment of a character depends mostly on how well-received the character is. In the case of Roger Rabbit, he was an instant success. It resonated well with him.

Robert Zemeckis has said that he’d like to do a sequel, but even though Charles Fleischer has said it’s really up to Disney’s studios to decide, Charles would love to go back for another round. At this point it’s all just rumor and hopes.

Charles Fleischer told ComingSoon.net, “If it were within my decision-making capacity, I would more than love to do more with Roger [Rabbit]. I think there’s a lot of people that would, too and that leads me to believe that it could happen.”

Would you like to see a sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit??