Pharrell Williams Covers 'GQ' In Yellow Gown: 'The New Masculinity'

Pharrell Williams has graced the latest cover of GQ Magazine and it definitely hasn't gone unnoticed.

The "Gust of Wind" hitmaker is a part of The New Masculinity issue and has gone for a bold look.

Williams, who is known for being a fashion icon, is wearing a bright yellow gown for the front cover. The garment's material looks like a long puffer jacket with no sleeves. It is completely zipped up and covers his entire body. Pharrell is sporting blond hair on the cover and directing a strong facial expression into the camera. He accessorizes with a couple of rings and bracelets while placing his hands together.

In the space of seven hours, GQ's Instagram post racked up more than 36,000 likes. On Williams' Instagram account, his upload achieved a whopping 210,000 likes within five hours.

When asked why he wanted to be on the cover of this particular issue, Pharrell explained that the masculinity conversation is new.

"Well, when it comes to having this conversation, I don't necessarily know that the masculinity is new as much as the conversation is new. That's number one. But I think this is a way that I can speak up at a time where we're in the middle of a spiritual plight. A spiritual war. When people are online, they have their real identity; then they have, like, a nickname. Right?" the "Can I Have It Like That?" chart-topper said.

The interviewee mentioned that Williams had gender-fluid elements to the way he dressed before it was a big conversation.

The hit producer insisted that he started dressing slightly differently because he could pull it off.

"When you listen to yourself and you're comfortable in who you are, you wear what you feel like fits and looks right on you. And that's it."
Pharrell has written and produced a huge amount of hits over the past couple of decades for other artists. According to Fact Magazine, he is responsible for creating songs for Usher, Kendrick Lamar, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, and Frank Ocean, to name a few.

He is a part of the American production duo, The Neptunes, which consists of himself and Chad Hugo. In 1999, they produced Kelis' debut album, Kaleidoscope, which The Inquisitr previously reported.

To date, he has released two albums as a solo artist -- In My Mind and G I R L, and five albums with his band, N.E.R.D. -- In Search Of..., Fly or Die, Seeing Sounds, Nothing, and No One Ever Really Dies.

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