Donald Trump Tells Followers To Vote For 'Good Guy' Sean Spicer On 'Dancing With The Stars'

Donald Trump is asking his followers to support former White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Dancing With the Stars. According to The Hill, the president tweeted to his 65 million followers that they should cast a vote for Spicer on the reality TV dance competition.

"Vote for good guy Sean Spicer tonight on Dancing With The Stars. He has always been there for us!" Trump wrote.

This is the first time since the season began last month that Trump has expressed support for his former press secretary.

Spicer has been a controversial addition to the cast of the show, with critics saying that the high-profile political figure shouldn't have been invited to be a guest.

As The Inquisitr reported, The New York Times reporter James Poniewozik called the casting a disgrace. The show's producer, Tom Bergeron, said that he didn't agree with bringing a divisive political figure onto the show. The producer went on to say that he'd hoped this season would be an escape from the current political climate.

Spicer responded to the criticism, saying that he hoped his appearance on the 28th season of the show would help unite people by showing diversity in the dancing competition.

"My overall hope is that at the end of this season that Tom looks at this and says, bringing people together of very diverse backgrounds, whether it's in politics or other areas, and allowing them to show America how we can engage in a really respectful and civil way, is actually a way to help bring the country together as opposed to bring it apart."
Recently, Spicer praised the president by saying that he believed Trump would had a dedicated "army" of supporters that would always "protect him." As The Inquistr reported previously, Spicer said that Trump's often divisive language was a way to energize his base."You need an intensified base that is going to go out there through thick and thin, that is going to campaign for you, put up that yard sign, make the eight extra phone calls," he said.

That energized base, Spicer said is made up of a passionate group of people who would defend the president regardless of what happens. Spicer went on to say that the strategy is working. Trump wasn't expected to win in 2016, but he managed to gather enough votes to nab the office. He didn't say, however, what this "army" would be willing to do to protect the president.