Payday 2 Coming To PC And Consoles This Summer

Payday 2 will be coming to the Xbox 360, the Playstation 3 and Windows PC this summer. The title is a followup to a bank robbing action game that was probably most famous for the scene where the game pays homage to the old bank robbing flick Heat.

The first person shooter will also apparently be a bit of a step up over the original title. In Payday: The Heist you play as one of four bank robbers who have to team up in order to pull off the perfect heist.

Because the game naturally uses a team, the multi-player function became quite popular in the game. In Payday 2 you can still rob banks but you can also pull off bigger and better crimes.

In this title, you crew has moved to Washington, D.C. and in addition to cracking safes and shooting it out with bank guards you can take on other jobs that might not be available anywhere in the United States.

In between jobs, which are offered to you on a sliding scale once you have started to become successful in your criminal enterprise, you can even “run a few political errands.”

What makes this game different than other titles that deal with heists is the CRIMENET feature. This in game feature allows you to pick and choose whether you want to pull off a kidnapping, perform a hit or simply rob a jewelry store.

Along with choosing the kind of job you want to do, you can also choose which kind of criminal you are. Whether you choose to be a ghost, an enforcer, a mastermind or a tech you will have different skills at your disposal.

All four roles are vital to pulling off the heist as efficiently as possible so that means if you’re playing multi-player with your friends you’ll want to decide who is going to do what.

While Payday 2 doesn’t have an official launch date yet, the developer says it will be out this summer.