Wendy Williams Says Justin Bieber Once Kicked One Of Her Staff Members

Theo WargoGetty Images

Singer Justin Bieber has essentially grown up in the public eye and has changed a lot throughout the years. There’s no denying the fact that the popular heartthrob has had some less-than-positive publicity over the years due to his behavior.

He seems to have cleaned up his act in recent years, getting married to Hailey Baldwin and becoming more mature. However, talk show host Wendy Williams just dropped some major shade upon the singer that will come to a shock to his fans, according to TooFab.

Williams is known for her love of gossip and has shaded just about every celebrity out there at some time or another. Her recent accusations about Bieber on a recent episode of The Wendy Williams Show were particularly harsh. Her conversation about Bieber started with a discussion about how celebrities should behave backstage when they’re making an appearance on a talk show.

Recently,British television hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby revealed details about the time Jennifer Lopez appeared on their show. They said that when she was backstage, Lopez requested a glass of cold milk and a warm cookie. While some disagreed with the hosts making this information public, Williams insisted that it simply comes with the territory. She said that when she stops by talk shows, she too is known for asking for treats.

Williams then launched into a bizarre story about a time that Bieber appeared on her show when he was a teenager. She claimed that the singer made a mess of her green room and even kicked one of her staffers.

“I was reminded the other day by [gaffer] John Anderson, do you know what he told me, out of nowhere. He was like, remember when Justin Bieber came here and trashed the green room? And kicked John! John is like so innocent. Imagine a little kid, he’s like 13 years old when he comes here fighting with [William Frawley’s “I Love Lucy” character] Fred Mertz. John told me, John was like, ‘You know what, his father told him, ‘What are you doing? Get back up there, you straightened up that green room!’ His father told him that and Justin had to go right back up there!”

Bieber has not yet commented on Williams’ strange accusations.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, The Wendy Williams Show was recently renewed after a swirl of rumors that it may be cancelled due to the star’s recent divorce and personal struggles.