Brittany Cartwright Pregnancy Rumors Gain Steam After Appearance In Leopard Print Dress

Caitlin Albers

Vanderpump Rules star Brittany Cartwright is unintentionally sparking more rumors about a possible pregnancy. Last week Brittany was spotted in a baggy sweatshirt that gave the appearance of a baby bump, especially when her hand was positioned against her stomach in a certain way. Two nights ago, Brittany attended a JBL party with her husband Jax Taylor and some of her co-stars, and her dress choice only fueled those rumors.

Radar Online is questioning the appearance of a baby bump on Brittany from last night's event. She posed with Jax on the orange carpet and didn't appear to be trying to hide anything. Her choice of a leopard print dress that wrapped across her waist definitely gave the illusion of a baby bump, but it seems like it might just be the pattern throwing everyone off, with no baby bump underneath after all. The outlet reported that Jax was all over Brittany in her skintight dress, and the reality star even confirmed he got lucky with his wife on Twitter.

Brittany and Jax married on June 29, and reportedly aren't being too careful when it comes to pregnancy. Brittany has admitted they the couple is leaving things in God's hands and believes things will play out exactly how they're supposed to.

"When it happens, it happens. We're not going to be very careful. We're gonna let it come with God's grace, and he'll give us a baby when it's ready," Brittany told Us Weekly.

If Brittany and Jax are expecting their first child, it will likely either be revealed on Vanderpump Rules or on the couple's social media pages. Pregnancy rumors have been swirling around the couple long before they were even engaged, much like their friends and co-stars Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney-Schwartz, who constantly find themselves in the tabloids over baby bump rumors.

Jax appears to be ready to be a father as well. The new husband opened up to Hollywood Life about his and Brittany's future with children.

"Yeah, we're obviously open to it, we're not like, well I guess yeah, we're working on it. We're working on it, I'll leave it at that, we're working on it," Jax admitted.

Despite both parties being prepared for children, the odds of Brittany sporting a tight dress with a baby bump before announcing their news to the world are very slim. Fans should expect a confirmation from the couple themselves when and if they have news to share.

Season 8 of Vanderpump Rules is expected to debut next month on Bravo.