Jessica Simpson's Weight Loss Secret Revealed: Here's What The Star Ate To Lose 100 Pounds

Nathan Francis

Jessica Simpson dropped 100 pounds in just six months after giving birth to her daughter, and now the star's personal trainer is revealing the foods she ate to bring about such a dramatic drop.

There has been plenty of attention to the incredible transformation that the actress and singer underwent after the birth of daughter Birdie back in March. It was a difficult pregnancy for Jessica, and Birdie was born at a large 10 pounds, 3 ounces -- leading to Jessica gaining a reported 100 pounds. That weight is now gone, with the singer undergoing a major transformation in the course of the last few months that has drawn significant attention from the celebrity news world and across social media.

As Hollywood Life reported, Jessica's strict diet regiment helped her shed the weight quickly, allowing her to hit her target weight by September 24.

Now, Jessica's personal trainer is sharing her secrets. Harley Pasternak, who works closely with a number of celebrities to stay fit, said that Jessica took a very disciplined approach and a focus on vegetables -- lots and lots of vegetables. The mom of three started focusing on cauliflower, putting it in as much as she could.

"She would eat one whole egg and three egg whites for breakfast, scrambled with a bowl of blackberries. For lunch she would have a salad with grilled chicken and grilled fish with salad and vegetables for dinner. As for snacks, she would have almonds and sometimes green beans with Parmesan cheese on top. She was very disciplined," the personal trainer told Hollywood Life.

Harley added that cutting out sugar was one of the most important changes for Jessica, thanks in part to her own personal diet creation. The trainer said she developed a breath mint called Sweetkick that leaves the person unable to taste sugar afterward, thus reducing cravings for foods loaded with the substance. Even things like barbecue sauce and ketchup taste off after the person pops the mint, she shared, making it easier to cut excess sugar out of the diet.