Chelsea Houska Offers Advice To ‘Young And Pregnant’ Moms: ‘It’s Gonna Get Worse Before It Gets Better’

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Chelsea Houska has been sharing her life on the hit MTV reality show Teen Mom 2 for nearly a decade. Over the years, fans have watched her ups and downs, which included an on again, off again relationship with her ex-boyfriend before meeting and marrying the love of her life. Now, the mom-of-three is opening up and giving some parenting advice to the moms of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

In the video clip shared by the Teen Mom Twitter page, Chelsea is wearing a tie dye shirt with her red hair down.

“First of all, its gonna get worse before it gets better,” Chelsea says into the camera.

Chelsea was first introduced to audiences on her Season 2 episode of 16 and Pregnant. On the show, she found out she was pregnant with her oldest daughter, Aubree. Chelsea had an on and off relationship with her daughter’s father. Viewers watched the tumultuous relationship play out over the years before she met and married her husband, Cole DeBoer.

However, that wasn’t the only advice that Chelsea had to give to the young moms on the show.

“But just know that you are never alone, you have to wake up, mom up, and rise up.”

Chelsea is now married to Cole DeBoer. The couple married in 2016 when Chelsea was pregnant with their first child. They welcomed their son, Watson, in January of 2017. The following year, Chelsea and Cole welcomed their daughter, Layne. Their daughter’s birthday was extra special since Layne was born on Chelsea’s birthday in August of 2018.

The mom-of-three has been sharing her life for nearly a decade on Teen Mom 2. The Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant cast have not been sharing their stories for quite that long, though. The show first premiered on MTV last year and audiences were introduced to five young moms. While the show will remain mostly the same, there has been a change in casting.

Jade Cline, who first shared her story on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, was added to the cast of Teen Mom 2 following Jenelle Evans’ exit. Lexi Tatman, who shared her story on the first season of the show, will not be back for the second season. With two spots on the show open, MTV cast two new moms, Kaiya and Rachel.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the new moms will join Ashley Jones, Briana Jaramillo, and Kayla Sessler.

Fans can tune in to the all-new season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant on Tuesday, October 22. Until the shows premiere, fans can catch up with all-new episodes of Teen Mom 2 which air on Tuesday nights on MTV.