‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Fights Back After Her Cosmetics Line Was Mocked And Makeup Manufactured Dropped Her

Jenelle Evans isn’t going to let a few cosmetics setbacks keep her down.

The former Teen Mom star has hit a series of snags as she attempts to transform herself into a cosmetics mogul. As The Inquisitr reported, Jenelle received a termination letter this week — one coming from makeup company XJ Beauty — saying that they would no longer be involved with, or work with, her personal JE Cosmetics line. The report noted that the company would be sending the remaining inventory back to Jenelle this month.

This comes just a few weeks after fans took to her website to mock the cosmetics line. A previous report from The Inquisitr noted that fans had trolled Jenelle by writing fake reviews, using some obviously fake — and crude — names to do so. The report noted that the reviews all gave Jenelle’s line the full five stars, with close to half of the 30 reviews on the site appearing to be fake.

But Jenelle seems undeterred. On Friday, she posted a screenshot of her line’s Universal Brow Kit to her Instagram stories and told fans to check out the reviews — which appeared to be almost universally positive. There were a total of 70 reviews listed, most of them glowing.

“Amazing product Jenelle! I bought one for my wife and for my kid,” one person wrote. “She is entertained for hours which is good for me. I love knowing that the products are safe and won’t harm her.”

Jenelle has been taking to Instagram to pitch her products more frequently in recent weeks, something which could be a reaction to reports that sales have been abysmal. Radar Online reported back in September that the MTV reality television star had only sold 150 kits in the several weeks since she launched the line. As the report noted, the $40 eyebrow kit actually debuted to some very poor reviews.

“The brow pencil completely snapped off within a minute of using it, no matter how short I made it, it would snap off,” one reviewer complained on Twitter. “There was one inch of product in it to begin with, now there is none. Complete waste.”

Jenelle’s latest Instagram story appears to be a reaction to these poor reviews, showing that the star is going on the offensive in an attempt to restructure the company’s image.

The makeup sales could be a very important source of income for Jenelle Evans. She was fired by MTV this summer after allegations that her husband shot and killed the family’s dog.

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