WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Laughed At Fan Reaction To ‘Hell In A Cell’ Finish


The controversial finish of WWE’s pay-per-view Hell in a Cell was met with chants of “Refund” and “AEW” as fans were upset with the outcome. The main event featuring Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt ended due to referee stoppage when the former used a sledgehammer. Fans were understandably confused by the bizarre finish and made their opinions heard.

With the WWE Universal Championship on the line, fans expected a conclusive end to the highly anticipated contest. After generating plenty of negative feedback on social media, the company chose to ignore it for the most part. While WWE did address the referee’s decision to stop the match, they have attempted to avoid discussing the topic on their programs.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, multiple people confirmed that Vince McMahon was laughing at the negative reaction to Hell in a Cell, per 411 Mania. McMahon wasn’t greatly affected by the boos raining down from the stands, as he didn’t want “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt to claim the title. The report also suggests that McMahon didn’t want to slow down Wyatt’s momentum with a clean loss, so he resorted to using the referee.

It seems like McMahon never intended to have a winner in this match, as previously noted by The Inquisitr. The original plan was for Rollins to throw Wyatt off the top of the cell, which would have led the referee to call off the contest. In 1998, Mick Foley suffered a similar fate against The Undertaker, although the referee didn’t get in their way. While it may have been a far better bump than a sledgehammer hit, it’s likely that fans would have been disappointed since neither superstar would have walked away with a clean victory.

Going into the 2019 WWE Draft, it’s been reported that McMahon wanted the champions to be Rollins, Brock Lesnar, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte Flair. When it comes to booking an event, it’s no secret that McMahon doesn’t let the boos get to him, as he has faced major heat over the years. That’s unlikely to change at this point since he tends to do what he believes is best for business.

The finish of Hell in a Cell wasn’t the only letdown among fans in the past month, as Lesnar squashed Kofi Kingston to win the WWE Championship on Friday Night SmackDown. It certainly didn’t faze McMahon who went on to book another controversial finish between Wyatt and Rollins.