Hailey Baldwin Has The Best Response After Being Called A ‘Fake Christian’ For Celebrating Halloween

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Halloween is rapidly approaching and it seems like everyone is getting their costume ready for the big holiday — including Hailey Baldwin. But after asking fans for advice about what to wear for her costume, she was forced to respond to accusations that she was a “fake Christian” because she is celebrating the holiday.

According to Fox News, the model posted an Instagram story Q&A with fans and asked for help with ideas for her costume. While some followers piped up with suggestions for dressing up as Harley Quinn, the Bride of Chucky, or Catwoman, one fan asked her if she was a Christian.

“Yes. I still dress up for Halloween,” she responded.

Another person took things to the next level, accusing the model of being a “FAKE CHRISTIAN.”

Instead of getting upset or arguing, Hailey had a calm, playful response.

“Our kids are gonna celebrate too,” she replied.

While some Christians feel that it is sacrilegious to celebrate Halloween because the holiday features pagan elements, many continue to enjoy the holiday, including Hailey.

The model has been open about her faith in the past, saying that she wants to represent Jesus while being in the modeling industry.

“I think that the bigger purpose behind it is for me to be a light in this place,” she said. “And I’m here to represent Jesus through me for other people — for His will to be done.”

The couple recently made headlines after husband Justin Bieber accused his wife of scratching his pink Lamborghini, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

Hailey apologized for the scratch in a video posted by the singer and promised to get it fixed. Clearly, Justin wasn’t really upset as he laughed at his wife and complimented her hair before ending the video.

The two recently renewed their commitment to one another in a second wedding ceremony in South Carolina at the end of September. While the couple was already hitched, they apparently wanted to have a ceremony for which their family and friends could be present.

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“Hailey and Justin wanted to have a proper ceremony to celebrate their love,” an insider said. “Justin was really adamant about having one in front of their family and friends. It made their marriage feel more ‘real’ and ‘official’ to them. They kept the wedding small because Justin didn’t want any ‘fake friends’ there [because he] hates that.”

In addition to their family, celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, and Jaden Smith showed up for the big event.