‘The Affair’ Spoilers For Season 5 Episode 8: Write Not Right

The Affair is nearing the end of its run on Showtime with the action becoming tenser and even more confusing. Last week’s episode for Season 5, Episode 7, focused quite a bit on Noah.

During the episode, he was torn to symbolic shreds as Whitney grilled him as to why he left his family to have an affair with a waitress who is no longer alive. She didn’t stop short of that announcement. In fact, Noah’s eldest daughter told her dad how terribly he had hurt her mom when he cheated on her and left the family.

Now, as Episode 8 unfolds on Sunday, a spoiler video has been shared, showing yet another person close to Noah putting him down a peg, as the expression goes. She is an old friend from college and she tells him straight up, “Noah, you know you don’t have the best reputation, right.”

Noah seems caught off guard, and says, “Yes, but that was in college. It was 30 years ago.”

She explains that she is not speaking about when the two went to school together. She is talking about the present. Noah remains confused, so she says that his bad reputation is taking place in “the community” which she translates as being “the publishing world.”

“You’re seen as something of a loose cannon.”

Noah is incredulous, and simply asks, “What? Why?”

This meeting seems to have become a question-and-answer session, with Noah’s college friend adding to the story.

“Well, you’ve had a storied past. You went to prison after all.”

At that point, Noah is so taken off guard that he starts to explain why he went to prison. He blurts out, “That is just f**king ridiculous.”

He catches himself, leaving his friend to wonder what he was about to say.

“I don’t deserve that. I have the most boring f***ing life. I work, I write and I see my kids and I try to be a good person. That’s it.”

His companion of the moment tells him she realizes Noah is a good guy but then she talked about how he was when he was released from prison. She commented that he had been “a little bit angry, a little bit bitter.”

Noah lets her know she is right because, after all, “prison sucks.”

Then his college friend lets the proverbial cat out of the bag when she asks him about a former student of his. He said he does and she asks if maybe he had not been nice to her. He insists that he treated her the same as he did everyone else in the class.

She then tells Noah that this same student has written a book and that he is in it. Although he isn’t named, per se, he is referred to in her memoir as “an older male professor” who allegedly abused her.

She then tells him that the writer is not quiet about Noah’s identity and that she is, in fact, naming names with everyone she knows.

At that point, the spoiler video ends and Noah is left to pick up the pieces — or not.

To find out, tune in to Showtime’s The Affair on Sunday.