Iran Hates ‘Argo,’ Wants To Sue Hollywood

Officials in Iran hate Argo so much that they are considering a lawsuit against Hollywood.

The government is reportedly in talks with French lawyer Isabelle Coutant-Peyre in order to launch a lawsuit against someone over the “unrealistic portrayal” of Iran in Ben Affleck’s film.

The decision to sue Hollywood or the filmmakers associated with Argo came after a closed screening of the film. Officials reported watched the film during a conference entitled “The Hoax of Hollywood.” Although the movie hasn’t been officially released in Iran, bootleg copies are widely available for purchase.

“Awarding an anti-Iran movie is a propaganda attack against our nation and entire humanity,” government officials said after watching the controversial film.

Since people have been deeply insulted by how the country is portrayed in the flick, Iran is looking to sue Argo and anyone in Hollywood associated with its creation. However, filing the lawsuit could prove to be a little tricky.

Coutant-Peyre, who previously represented Zacarias Moussaoui and Carlos the Jackal, is attempting to figure out who will be the focus of the lawsuit. A Paris-based attorney told Deadline that Coutant-Peyre may end up “jurisdiction shopping” if the lawsuit moves forward.

The day after Argo won Best Picture at the 85th Annual Academy Awards, Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister Mohammad Hosseini declared the film to be an “advertisement” for the CIA.

“This anti-Iran film lacks any artistic aspects and it is a very weak film from an artistic perspective and we don’t expect anything else from the enemy,” he added.

Argo tells the story of how a group of Americans were rescued from Iran by CIA operatives back in 1979. Although the film has received plenty of praise in the US, people overseas have not been impressed with the way it portrays the people and the country of Iran.

What do you think about Iran possibly suing Hollywood over how the country is portrayed in Argo?