Whoopi Goldberg Rages At Meghan McCain, Shocking Her 'View' Co-Hosts

Whoopi Goldberg has apparently had it with the interruptions on The View. The co-host lashed out at Meghan McCain while she was talking about Donald Trump's decision to pull troops out of Syria, shocking the entire panel with her outburst.

The group was talking about whether or not the president's decision to remove troops from Syria was wise. McCain weighed in on the situation, continuing her week-long opinion on it, in which she says she believes that the U.S. was going to "abandon our Kurdish allies" in the region when the tensions at the table boiled over, the Decider reported.

"These special forces officers are standing and protecting terrorists, [the Islamic state] [terrorist] in jail. And now they're going to be left without American soldiers fighting alongside them," McCain explained.

She questioned whether the U.S. had learned from its experiences in the wake of the 9/11 attacks before Sunny Hostin tried to shift the conversation towards the impeachment of Trump, questioning whether the president's decision and timing were targeted at distracting people from the inquiry.

"I cannot talk about impeachment," McCain jumped in.

"Just one fact. Just let me say one thing," said McCain, talking over co-host Joy Behar.

That's when Goldberg jumped in.

"Wait!" she yelled as McCain tried to go on. "Let Joy finish!"

The panel was startled by Goldberg's vehemence, turning to look at the co-host.

When McCain went on to say that she wanted to add a bit more to the conversation, Goldberg gestured at McCain and shut her down.

"Let Joy say what she needs to say," she said.

The tension was thick in the room at that point, and McCain gave up trying to speak. She rolled her eyes and threw her hands up in resignation.

Behar continued the conversation at that point, saying that she was heartened by the fact that the Republican party was finally standing up to Trump's excesses, but she felt that they should have done it sooner when the president decided to put children in cages and separate them from their parents at the border.

McCain tried to weigh in again, saying that Syria was an incredibly important topic and something that future generations would be dealing with. She said it could have long-term repercussions for Europe and the rest of the world.

The conversation began boiling over once again when Goldberg jumped in to tell people that the conversation was over and they were moving on.

Goldberg has been in the news this week for her vocal takedown of Trump in which she accused the president of violating legal norms in the country.