WWE News: Hulk Hogan Wishes He Had Never Used The Leg Drop As His Iconic Finisher

For more than three decades, the immortal Hulk Hogan dominated wrestling rings across numerous different promotions. Even at the age of 66, Hogan is really hoping to have one more match in WWE and he’s actually been trying to get in shape for that to happen. Meanwhile, he has also been reflecting back on his historic career with very few regrets, but if he could change one thing, it would be to never have used the leg drop as his finisher.

If you’ve ever seen a match with Hulk Hogan in it, you pretty much know how it goes most of the time. Should Hogan end up being the winner of the match, he will “Hulk Up,” punch his opponent a few times, deliver a big boot to his opponent, drop the leg, and make the pin.

That is pretty much the formulaic system that he has used for years and years, regardless of whether Hogan was playing the role of a babyface or that of a heel. The “Leg Drop” is a move that many wrestlers have used over the years, but it is synonymous with Hogan and it always will be.

If it were up to The Hulkster, though, he wishes that wasn’t how things were. As a matter of fact, he honestly wishes he had never chosen to use the leg drop as his finisher and he’d go back in time to change things if he could.

Hogan recently spoke with the Los Angeles Times on a number of topics, but he did update everyone on his health status. The former world champion has had “seven unsuccessful back surgeries,” and he’s actually scheduled to have an eighth surgery with the hope that it may help.

When it comes to the sad state of his back, Hogan said that it is due to him having to deliver the Atomic Leg Drop more than 300 times a year for decades. If possible, he never would have made that move his finisher back in the day.

“Everyone says they wouldn’t change anything about their life. If I could change anything, it would be my finisher. I would never use the leg drop. I’d use the sleeper. All the back surgeries I’ve had are because of that damn leg drop. I had scoliosis, brother. Dropping that leg for 35 years did me in. I said I had the largest arms in the word, and I should have used a sleeper hold or another finisher with my arms.”

Ironically enough, Hogan’s good friend and former tag team partner Brutus Beefcake is the one who used the sleeper hold as his finishing maneuver. Either way, the ending of his long career is just about upon us all, and he will always be known for hitting the big boot and dropping the leg to finish off his opponents.

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