R. Kelly’s Girlfriends Are Living The High Life In Trump Tower Despite Claims That The Singer Is Broke

R. Kelly’s lawyers have argued that the singer is struggling to make ends meet. However, his financial woes don’t seem to extend to his girlfriends who continue to live the good life high up in Chicago’s Trump Tower.

According to The Chicago Sun-Times, Kelly’s lawyer Steve Greenberg revealed that Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage will be sticking around in the lavish apartment despite previous warnings that the rent was only paid up through September.

“I’m told [Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage] have apparently decided to keep their living arrangement at Trump Tower,” Greenberg said.

Earlier, as The Inquisitr previously reported, the disgraced singer’s legal team had argued that Kelly didn’t have much money to his name – in fact, they claim things were so bad that he wasn’t a flight risk if released on bond because he didn’t have the money to flee anyway.

The prosecution wasn’t buying it and argued that the singer was stashing his cash away in a friend’s bank account in order to dodge having to pay his bills and appear to be a flight risk. Kelly claimed to be so broke that a friend helped him pay tens of thousands of dollars in back child support in order to spring him from behind bars earlier this year.

But Greenberg’s recent revelation adds fuel to the rumors that Kelly has money but that the entertainer’s money is not in his usual bank accounts.

“I assure you every radio station in the country is not refusing to play his hit ‘I Believe I Can Fly,'” Greenberg said. “This guy is one of the most successful musicians of all time.”

In other words, Kelly still has cash rolling in thanks to his music royalties, something that prosecutors argued was true last week when trying to convince the judge not to let Kelly go free on bond.

Greenberg also told reporters that the singer is suffering because he cannot routinely visit with his two lady friends thanks to strict policies at the prison in which he is being held until trial.

“You have to understand Kelly and his two girlfriends consider themselves a family… This is his family,” Greenberg said. “The jail’s rules are archaic when it fails to recognize the reality of today’s new living situations.”

He added that he believes his client’s constitutional rights are being violated.

“… I think it’s unconstitutional to deny a domestic partner the same visitation rights as a family member.”

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