WWE News: WWE Tweets Out Huge Title Match For 'Survivor Series' But Quickly Deletes It

WWE brought about one of the most criticized main events in its history on Sunday night with the ending of Hell in a Cell. The fact that a match inside the cell saw a finish with a "referee stoppage" did not sit well with fans, and it has brought the hammer down on Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt. All of that negative backlash could be the reason that the announced Survivor Series title rematch was canceled without much notice.

The WWE Universal Title Match didn't go very well in front of the entire crowd, and they made their feelings known. There was a lot of booing happening after the finish and fans chanted "AEW" as well as wanting to get a refund, but nothing ever came of that whole ordeal.

The day after the match ended with a referee stoppage, WWE tweeted out a rematch for one of its next major pay-per-view events. Even though Crown Jewel will take place first later this month, they announced a major Universal Title rematch for Survivor Series, which will take place on November 24.

It's not surprising that this match was made after the non-finish at Hell in a Cell, but WWE may have already changed their mind.

The tweet was sent out by WWE's official account on Twitter and said that the match was happening due to what took place at Hell in a Cell. The rematch would have Rollins putting the Universal Title on the line again against Bray "The Fiend" Wyatt, but it may not happen at all.

Not long after the tweet was sent out, WWE completely deleted it and has made no mention of it at all.

According to Wrestling Inc., it is not known as to why the tweet was deleted, but there could be a number of reasons behind it. It's possible that someone simply released the tweet too early and WWE wasn't ready to have it out there yet, but that would mean the match is still scheduled to take place at Survivor Series.

On the other hand, the overall plans may have changed entirely after the negative reactions from virtually everyone over Hell in a Cell. Neither Seth Rollins nor Bray Wyatt were on this week's Monday Night Raw, but "The Fiend" did appear in a post-event attack on Cesaro.

The next few weeks will be interesting as WWE determines where to go with the feud between Wyatt and Rollins over the Universal Championship.