Heather Dubrow Shares Her Thoughts On New ‘RHOC’ Cast Member Braunwyn Windham-Burke, Feuds With Her Mom

Heather Dubrow shared her thoughts on the newest addition to the Real Housewives of Orange County cast during a recent episode of her podcast series, Heather Dubrow’s World.

Following an awkward encounter with Braunwyn’s mom, which prompted Dr. Deb to go off on her and her husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow, on Instagram, All About the Real Housewives shared details about Heather’s reaction to the feud, as well as her encounter with Braunwyn at her local gym.

As she chatted with her co-host, Natalie Puche, Heather admitted that she had no clue who Dr. Deb was when she aggressively introduced herself to them on a plane by stating that she had gone to medical school with Dr. Terry. Then, as she recalled a meeting with Braunwyn a short time later, she revealed Braunwyn had apologized to her on her mother’s behalf, but not for the reasons she initially assumed.

Instead, Brauwyn apologized to Heather for Dr. Deb’s rant against her on social media, which Heather hadn’t yet heard about.

“From what I surmised from my conversation with Braunwyn is that she went off on us on her Instagram story and said we were mean to her. And that we didn’t recognize her on purpose and how ridiculous that was or something,” Heather explained.

While things appeared to end at that point, at least in Heather’s eyes, the drama continued in the days that followed with Dr. Deb returning to Instagram and continuing to rant about her negative run-in with Heather and Dr. Terry.

On Instagram, Dr. Deb accused Heather of “talking badly and exaggerating” about her in an effort to make herself more relevant to her listeners and fans. She then said that she was trying to feel “better than” by “putting others down.”

In response to the Instagram posts shared by Dr. Deb, Heather attempted to end their feud on a positive note by saying nice things about Braunwyn and pointing out that Dr. Deb must have been a good mother to have raised such a nice woman.

“I feel bad and Braunwyn’s a really nice girl,” Heather explained. “So, let’s say something complimentary because she must have done a good job raising her because she seems like a very nice person.”

To see more of Windham-Burke and her co-stars, don’t miss new episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 14 on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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