Leah Messer Gets Candid About Relationship With Jeremy Calvert After Daughters Look Through Her Phone

Fans have been wondering if Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert will rekindle their relationship and the new season of Teen Mom 2 has showed a lot of flirting between the former couple. Now, Leah is opening up about her relationship situation with Jeremy after her daughters got a hold of her phone and found some texts between the two.

In the new clip shared by the Teen Mom Twitter account, Leah and her three daughters are still on vacation with Leah’s sister, Victoria, in Florida. However, the girls are curious as to whether or not Leah is dating again and Leah’s daughter, Aleeah, gets her phone and starts looking at the text messages between her mom and Jeremy. Aleeah takes off with the phone and Leah goes after her to get it, but not before Aleeah sees some texts between the two. Aleeah announces that she saw the two sending “kissy faces” to one another.

Back in the kitchen, Leah talks to her daughters and they reveal that they want to know what is going on with her and Jeremy.

“I just want you to stop lying to me, tell me the truth,” Aleeah exclaims to her mom.

Leah then explains that she would “never lie” to her daughters and asks them want they want to know. Aleeah asks her mom if she “likes” Jeremy to which Leah tries to explain the situation.


“I like Jeremy because its Addie’s dad. Do I think there’s any possible relationship stuff? I honestly don’t know. We are going with the flow, whatever happens happens. We are just doing the best thing for Addie,” Leah says.

She then explains that both she and Jeremy are single. However, the mom-of-three then explains to her girls that they are asking about “adult stuff.”

“I also feel like that is adult stuff that you guys should not be apart of. Just know that I would never lie to you if something was going on I would definitley tell you.”

Jeremy and Leah married back in April 2012. Leah had already been married once to Corey Simms, father to her twin daughters, Aleeah and Ali. Together, Leah and Jeremy had one daughter together, Addie. The couple divorced in 2015, but there are hints that they may rekindle their romance.

While Leah’s storyline this season focuses on her relationship with Jeremy, it also focuses on her sister’s third pregnancy. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Leah’s sister Victoria vacationed with Leah and Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry and found out she was pregnant after the trip.

Fans can tune in to the all-new episode of Teen Mom 2 Tuesday night on MTV.

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