Top Dog Costumes For Halloween 2019

Finding a Halloween costume for the family dog is something that many people do for Fido each and every October. With Halloween just around the corner, the 2019 search is already on. If you’re a loving parent to a too-cute pooch, you might already be thinking of a costume for your pup.

While some pet owners will try and rock a coordinating outfit alongside their four-legged friends, countless others will dress their dog up in something totally different. However, at the end of the day, dogs almost always take the cake when it comes to cute — or spooky — Halloween costumes. These days, there are so many options when it comes to dressing up your dog and, believe it or not, Halloween has become a wildly popular holiday for pet owners.

Check out our list of the best dog costumes for Halloween 2019, all of which can be purchased on Amazon.

UPS Delivery Dog

A dog dressed in a UPS costume.

Whether your dog is a big fan of the UPS guy or not, one thing is for sure — this costume is one of the best of the year, and it’s perfect for any four-legged friend this Halloween. The costume is perfect for photos and will likely leave trick-or-treaters doing a double-take. And the best part? It will only set buyers back a modest $16.80.

A Horse — Complete With a Cowboy

In honor of the latest Toy Story installment, this costume bears a slight resemblance to the beloved character of Woody. This cowboy costume is great for anyone who wants to bring nostalgia to this year’s festivities. Currently, the costume is for sale on Amazon for $15.99, meaning that it won’t break the bank.


If you grew up in the ’80s, then you definitely know about one of Michael Keaton’s most iconic roles, the veteran actor having starred in the hit movie Beetlejuice. The scary-yet-comical film also starred Stranger Things‘ Winona Ryder, so if you want a blast from the past, this costume is the perfect conversation starter. Those looking to buy this Beetlejuice dog costume are in luck because it’s under $15.

Hot Diggity Dog

This costume may be a classic, playing off of obvious puns, but it’s also perfect for anyone who is looking to get a laugh this Halloween. Dress your dog up like a hot dog and you’re sure to get plenty of chuckles and smiles from everyone you encounter. This cute costume is great for photo ops and costs just $19.99.

Hula Girl

If you have a little diva dog on your hands, then a hula girl costume may be the closest thing to a vacation you’re likely to see. This costume could not be any more adorable, and it also makes a trip to Hawaii sound really appealing. At $13.91, this choice is super for any pooch, male or female. A costume similar to the one above can be quickly and easily purchased via Amazon.

Business Suit

Business in the front and paw-ty in the back — or maybe just all business, if you opt to go with these fancy doggy duds. With the elections coming up next year, why not dress your dog up as either a politician or a businessman? A similar suit on Amazon is a steal at under $25, a sign that the owner is also a shrewd deal-maker.

Puppy Latte

This costume is perfect for the dog who takes Starbucks trips with their owner and always requests a “Puppuccino.” Now, your friendly fur baby can really dress the part, straw and all. This latte dog costume will run you about $20 on Amazon.

Pennywise the Pup

It’s no secret that Stephen King’s It was one of the most highly-anticipated films of the year, and that box-office success translates to a lot of clown costumes for humans and dogs. Check out the one below from Rubie’s Costume Company. It will run you about $27 on Amazon.


This costume is simply heroic: what dog wouldn’t want to be Superman? These costumes come in all different sizes, and while capes shouldn’t be optional, they are. Not a fan of Superman? Amazon has several other superhero options for dogs looking to take a bite out of crime, including Batman and Captain America costumes.